A woman doesn’t feel like one, if her nails are not done. Well done. She could have it all, but the moment she looks at the direction of her hand and the nails are not as they are supposed to be, the world is almost coming to an end.

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So, since we have the chance nowadays to make our nails with tips and gels and be in peace for a longer period of time, do not forget that Valentine’s day is getting closer and you should do something different. Whatever you do, friends or partner, there will be a lot of toasting and cheering in the name of love, so make sure to hold that glass with full confidence. And how else you gonna do that, than with your nails shining. Here are some ideas you might like and steal from us! Go ahead and make him fall in love with you even¬† more. With your nails too.

Half Moon

Top 10 Valentine's Day Nails

A Dita Von Teese – inspired manicure in deep winter red.

Tutorial via allure.com

Red Matte

Top 10 Valentine's Day Nails

Matte nails would be a perfect choice for any kind of date, especially Valentine’s. Do not let the nails over shine you, make them fabulous instead.

Tutorial via nails-art-design.net

Red French

Top 10 Valentine's Day Nails

Stay classic, but fit the colors of this magic and lovable holiday. Red French is a perfect choice for those who like it simple.

Tutorial via zimbio.com

Classy And Sexy

Top 10 Valentine's Day Nails

The red soul of Christian Louboutin’s heels, could look perfect on your nails. Not just that, it is gonna show off your red, passionate, sexy and on fire soul.

Tutorial via may-mayhem.blogspot.com

Soft But Attractive

Top 10 Valentine's Day Nails

Don’t limit yourself on the classic red color, but explore with the variety of red shades. A bit on the pink or orange side, just shows how traditional but different you are.

Tutorial via makeupjournal.net

Cherry Blossom

Top 10 Valentine's Day Nails

Even if you are one of those busy girls, that remembers at the last moment the toast you gonna have tonight and the nails that are not done, this is a perfect choice for fast and homemade solution. Just be patient for 10 minutes and you will have the perfect nails. Do not panic.

Tutorial via globalfashionreport.com


Top 10 Valentine's Day Nails

This combination just shows how emotional,passionate and big lover you are. Make the appointment with your artist and seduce your partner with that charming “cheers” with wine that just perfectly fits your nails.

Tutorial via rodeo.net

Summer Valentine

Top 10 Valentine's Day Nails

If you are somewhere where Valentine’s is warmed up by the summer, this is a perfect pedicure for your sandals and a walk with your partner. He’ll notice that you tried and he’ll appreciate it.

Tutorial via coffeeandvanilla.com

Red Rose

Top 10 Valentine's Day Nails

This is so far the most suitable nail art you could possibly have for your Valentine’s day. Isn’t it all about red and rose?

Tutorial via robinmosesnailart.blogspot.com


Top 10 Valentine's Day Nails

It is not all about red basic, red all. The small details are the ones that matter. Red kisses all over you metalic nails are just gonna make him kiss you even more.

Tutorial via grillednails.com