Whether you’re vegan yourself or you’re attempting to please a picky eater in the family, these recipes will be perfect for you. Even though this lifestyle is undoubtedly a healthy one, it makes you very limited as to what you can eat. It can be really challenging in the kitchen to avoid cooking without oil, added fat or eggs. But, with these recipes we got you covered in the cookie department. Even non-vegans won’t be able to tell the difference and only gooey crumbs will be left on their plates. So, preheat the oven, tie on an apron and get baking!

Maple Hazelnut Biscotti

Vegan-Cookie-Recepies_01 Recipe via  forealslife.com

Scout Cookies: Tagalongs

Vegan-Cookie-Recepies_02 Recipe via chocolatecoveredkatie.com

Cashew Pralines

Vegan-Cookie-Recepies_03 Recipe via veganinthefreezer.com

Double Chocolate Almond Cookies

Vegan-Cookie-Recepies_04 Recipe via lisasprojectvegan.com

Vegan (low-fat) Pumpkin Scones

Vegan-Cookie-Recepies_05 Recipe via forealslife.com

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie

Vegan-Cookie-Recepies_06 Recipe via texanerin.com

Lemon Crinkles

Vegan-Cookie-Recepies_07 Recipe via profoundhatredofmeat.blogspot.com

Mocha Coconut Chocolate Dipped Macaroons

Vegan-Cookie-Recepies_08 Recipe via chocolatecoveredkatie.com

Vegan Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies

Vegan-Cookie-Recepies_09 Recipe via cakemerchant.com

Lemony Coconut Quinoa Cookies

Vegan-Cookie-Recepies_10 Recipe via www.queenofquinoa.me