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Top 10 Vegetables To Plant In Late Summer

It depends where you live, but there are still some great planting options, even during the summer months. This is a great time for salad leaves and other fast-growing roots and vegetables. Late summer is an ideal time to start growing for a second gardening season.

Your garden will provide you with vegetables well into the fall. Also, since there will be more space in your garden, you can begin planting overwintering crops such as Brussels sprouts. Here are some great summer choices and planting tips.

1. Beans



Beans are very easy to grow from seeds. The last chance for sowing is two months before the frost. That means early august will be the last date for many areas. You can plant both bush and pole beans. This vegetable will grow even better and faster now that the soil and air are warmed up. You can sow it every 3 weeks for a continuous harvest.

2. Autumn and winter squash



Autumn and winter squash have much thicker skin than summer ones. They like full sun and well-drained soil, which makes them perfect candidates for summer planting. When there is not much space in your garden, you can plant bush varieties. Otherwise, you can use all vining varieties.

3. Carrots



July is the last month appropriate for planting carrots. Ideally, they are grown in full sunlight, but it will be okay even if there is a certain amount of shade. Before planting, make sure that the soil is free of stones.

4. Broccoli



Some Broccoli cultivars can be planted even in the fall, and they will produce a crop well into November. You can choose, for example, Calabrese broccoli. Broccoli requires full sun and soil that is fertile, moist, and slightly acidic.

5. Cucumbers



Be careful to pick the best variety according to the amount of space that you have in your garden. Vine cucumbers normally taste better, but they need much more space than bush varieties. Those refreshing vegetables need full sun and rich soil to produce. Also, don’t forget to water cucumbers regularly.

6. Lettuce and other salad leaves



You can sow lettuce even in August. Try to grow early harvest varieties that will produce a harvest before the cold weather. Other salad leaves that you can sow are also rocket, land cress, and corn salad. They will give you an ongoing supply in the autumn.

7. Eggplant



Eggplants require lots of sunshine and warm, well-drained soil. Despite plants’ love of heat, eggplants like cooler roots. It is recommended to cover the ground around the plants with mulch. The soil should be moist but not soggy.

8. Radish



Radishes are quick and easy to grow. You can sow this vegetable throughout the whole summer. They will be ready after 30 days after planting. Plant them in fertile, moisture-retentive soil. For better growth, make sure to remove all rocks and sticks from the soil and make it lose.

9. Spinach



Spinach is more of a cool-weather vegetable. It is great to grow it in August. In warmer regions, it is even better to wait until the fall. Spinach grows faster and better in well-drained, rich soil with a pH from 6.5 to 7.

10. Peas


There are some varieties like green and sugar peas that you can plant in August. Peas also love full sun. Make sure that the soil will be fertile and well-drained. If you are planning to grow peas from seeds, soak them overnight in water before sowing.

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