Top 10 Wall Clocks You Can Make Yourself

It is always fun and exciting to bring in something new in your lovely home. It is even more adorable when you make and decorate the things by yourself. Experience a new way in home decorating by implementing the old used stuff that are no longer usable. Clocks are an important part of every home, practically there is no home without a clock hanging on the wall. We offer you an incredible list of do it yourself clocks in order to have a unique and innovative piece of art to make a blank wall pop out, and it will make you feel proud whenever you look at the time.

Disposable Flatware Clock


DIY Tutorial via

Book Clock

wall-clocks-you-can-make-yourself_02DIY Tutorial via

Colorful Outdoor Clock

wall-clocks-you-can-make-yourself_03DIY Tutorial via

Sunburst Clock

wall-clocks-you-can-make-yourself_04DIY Tutorial via

Clock Tinker With Mysterious Time

wall-clocks-you-can-make-yourself_05DIY Tutorial via

Paper Plate Clock

wall-clocks-you-can-make-yourself_06DIY Tutorial via

Mid-Century Modern Knitting Needle Clock

wall-clocks-you-can-make-yourself_07DIY Tutorial via

Monty Python Silly Walks Clock

wall-clocks-you-can-make-yourself_08DIY Tutorial via

LP Rusch Clock

wall-clocks-you-can-make-yourself_09DIY Tutorial via

Homemade Bicycle Theme Clock

wallclocks-you-can-make-yourself_10DIY Tutorial via

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