Fresh mushroom can’t stay for long time, they should be eaten as soon as possible, because they can get dry and moldy. If you want to storage mushrooms, the best way to do that is when they are in season (and cheaper too). There are many different kinds of mushrooms and many different ways to preserve them. If you didn’t know, they can be frozen as many other vegetables. While some kinds should be cooked before freezing, others are fine to freeze raw. Under cooking we are talking about steamed or fried. In this article you will find the steps you should follow to freeze the mushrooms the right way.

1. Mushroom Selection



The mushrooms you would like to freeze, should look and smell fresh. The dry and moldy with bad spots that smells strange should be avoided.

2. Cleaning



Clean the mushroom in cold water. And check to see that all dirt has been removed from the surface. Most dirts would be washed off, but the spots that are toughened or bruised should be cut from edible flesh.

3. Preparing



Trim off the ends of the stems. Mushrooms over one-inch across should also be sliced or quartered.

4. Freezer Bag or Container



You can put the mushrooms in freezer bag or freezer container before freezing, it doesn’t matter. Just check if they are cooled of if you cooked them before.

5. Freezing Raw Mushrooms



Choose fresh mushrooms; wipe with a clean cloth to remove dirt. Place each a little apart on a baking tray and open-freeze as quickly as possible. When mushrooms are frozen, pack into containers, fit on a lid and replace in freezer. Use within 3 months.

6. Freezing Cooked Mushrooms



Mushrooms can be steamed or heated in fat in a fry pan. The difference is that the steamed mushrooms can lasts longer in the freezer, while those cooked in fat only 3 months.

7. Steaming Mushrooms



Steamed will retain a better color if they are given an anti-darkening treatment first. After the steaming, cool promptly on removal by removing from the steam. Drain, package and freeze.

8. Freezing Sautéed Mushrooms



Add the mushrooms in a frying pan with a little oil or butter. Add salt, pepper, garlic and other herbs. Cook, stirring occasionally until the mushrooms begin to soften and all the moisture evaporates. Once they are cooled you can freeze them.

9. Freezing Uncooked Morel Mushrooms



Wash the fresh morel mushrooms under running tap water. Add a teaspoon of vegetable oil to the mushrooms and mix well. Place the washed whole or sliced mushrooms into a plastic freezer bag. Place in the freezer. Also these ones shouldn’t stay in the freezer more than 3 months.

10. Duxelles



For freezing duxelles you have to now that they can’t stay longer than one month in the freezer, so freeze small storage, for one or two uses.