The summer gives us many various fruits and vegetables, and we enjoy eating them because they are fresh and natural. But what happens when the weather is getting colder and the winter is coming? We are limited in choosing healthy food as we do in spring and summer. Of course we can find anything we want in the stores and restaurants, but we all know that they can’t be fresh and naturally grown.

To provide yourself with plenty of fresh vegetables during the winter time, there is the process of freezing. Everyone of us use the technique of freezing, no matter if  it is fruit, veggies or some other food. However there are some “rules” for that process. To be sure that your frozen vegetables will stay fresh longer, and will not loose their nutrition, texture and flavor, take a look on these ways how to freeze them on better way.

Clean them First



Clean and wash the vegetable before freezing. Go throw all the processes like before cooking. Once you freeze them you can’t wash, cut, trim or peel their skin.

Remove the Air



Before freezing the veggie, remove completely the air so they can last longer and keep the nutrition in them. The best way is to use vacum sealer.




You can freeze also fresh veggies, but is better first to blanch them a little bit. Bring 1 gallon of water per pound of prepped vegetables (about 2 cups) to a boil in a large pot. Add the vegetables, cover, return to a boil and cook.

Cool Your Food Before Freezing



If you first cook the vegetables, than freeze, leave them first to cool down before putting in the fridge. This is because of the temperature difference which can cause defrost of the food.

Select Young, Freshly-Picked Vegetables



To be sure that the frozen vegetables will last linger, choose young and fresh, just barely ripe or slightly unripe. The over ripped veggies will become dry and not so tasty.

Choose Appropriate Packaging



Because the air the the freezer is very dry, you must protect very good the vegetables, otherwise they will loose the moisture and get dry, which means they will become tasteless.

Quick Freeze



The freezing processes needs to last shorter. That means to lower a little bit the temperature of the freezer and do not open until they freeze. The faster the vegetables freeze the less nautrition and texture they will lose.

Mark them Well



To not get lost when you want to take something from the freezer, mark on the bags what kind of vegetable it is, and also the date you freeze them. Vegetables can be stored about 18 months. Storing longer is fine, but the quality may decline.

Freeze Smaller Portions



The smaller the portions are the faster they will freeze. And we already said that the faster they freeze, the less nutrition, texture and flavour they lose.

Not Thawing



Do not thaw frozen vegetables if you do not plan cooking them immediately. Thawing them and than returning in the freeze will make veggies loose texture.