Everybody can have a bad day, but some people are continuously making the same mistakes and most of the time are feeling unhappy.

Here are ten ways how to recognize them and maybe help the in bettering their mood.


1. They never work out

– Working out has its own positive benefits, freeing your mind and soul and doing something good with your body.

2. They have unreal expectations of their life

– Expecting too much is ok, but if the expectations didn’t go the way we plan them to go, depression can occur.

3. They are constantly consuming junk food.

–  Junk food is the escape plan from depression for the unhappy.

4. They don’t sleep enough

– Thinking too much of “what if” and “if only” can lead to insomnia.

5. They spend most of their free time on the Social Networks 

– And most of the time they are trying to be someone else while on the networks.

6. They care too much of what others think of them

7. They are gossiping all the time

– Or they are sharing negative thoughts about the people currently not present on the table.

8. They refuse to forgive

9. They are workaholics 

10. They focus on their weaknesses instead on their advantages.