Between snow, ice, and cold weather, going out is the last thing you want to do. Winter seems to be one of the few times a busy woman actually has free time to make something for her health and her beauty.  If you are getting stir crazy, turn off the reality TV and spend some time taking care of yourself.  Being stuck at your home, doesn’t have to result in lying on the couch and eating popcorn all the night. Here are some tips to beat the winter blues and to keep yourself beautiful and happy, while you are stuck inside. Follow our list of Top 10 Ways To Beat The Cold and participate in of these ideas that will make your life better!

Online Shopping


When was the last time that you’ve made some online shopping or you’ve made a change in usual online store?! Now, it’s a perfect time for you to step away from your old habits and try something new! Instead of buying everything from one store, why don’t you find some unique accessories from online specialty store? This does not mean you have to break the bank. For example, the Zenni glasses are a great place to find inexpensive new glasses that are affordable enough to get a few pairs, or one to match each pair of shoes you own. Checkout their web page, you’ll definitely find something interesting!

Get Summer Ready in Winter


Waxing is not reserved only for summer! Take care for your beauty during the winter and get your legs “summer” ready by trying to do a wax treatment at home. Now is a perfect time to experiment with waxing or to switch razor brands.  Both of these can lead to irritation and should always be tested on a small patch of skin prior to use. So, try some waxing techniques and you’ll have enough time to improve them until you you sport those new chic shorts!

Make a Face Mask By Yourself


Use your free time to make some homemade products that will keep you beautiful all the time. The easiest thing you can do is a facial mask which will help you to have glowing and soft skin. Make some research over the web and buy all the materials you’ll need! Follow the instructions and look fresh and gentle, without spending a lot of money on expensive treatments!

Organize and Throw Away Make Up


Let’s face it, everyone is feeling guilty of holding on to that old bottle of mascara or expensive eyeliner. Stop doing that! This is a great time to check up your make up and throw out the old stuff.  The problem is you can really get yourself into trouble using old makeup, especially in the eye area.  The key is to just let it go!  If you really happen to love that type of mascara, then throw away the bottle, keep the brush and after cleaning it in warm soapy water you can use it with another new bottle of mascara. What a trick!?

Hair Treatment

Hair-TreatmentAs we’ve said it before, free time is not for eating popcorn, it’s time for you to apply hair mask and lie in bed for few hours. When you’re busy, you’re keeping a mask on your head for 10 minutes, but now you can prolong the procedure for better results!

Bake Some Special Cookies


Start baking some delicious cookies to indulge your sweet tooth! Everyone will be satisfied by amazing cookie smell at your home, plus you’ll improve you’re cooking skills and you’ll learn to prepare something new. Changes are always good!

Take Care for Your Nails!


Take care for the nails on your hands and foots even if now, you’re not wearing flip flops! Manicure and pedicure at home are always a good option, because you’ll save some money and you’ll have tidy and clean nails at the same time! Look wonderful, no matter which season is!

Invite Your Friends on Cocktail Party at Your Home!


Invite some friends at your home for party and have fun all night long! Cocktails are required, so take care to make various ideas and tastes for this occasion! Play loud music and have fun without leaving the apartment!

Try New Makeup Styles

Try-New-Makeup-StylesStaying at home without an idea what to do is always a good excuse for you to try something new. This time, you should try some new makeup styles, for example purple eye shadow or brown lips…just to check how they look on your face. If you like the changes, then you’re covered with new makeup trends for the spring and summer season!

Read a Book!


Stay at home and relax yourself by reading some interesting book! Be alone and explore some new worlds, which will make you peaceful and calm. This habit includes lying in bed with a cup of tea in one hand…sounds great?!