Are you in a small house or apartment? Small spaces can be great because they can so easily feel homey and cozy. However, there is also a high possibility for a small space to feel cluttered and a little too tight for comfort if it is decorated incorrectly. Here are the top 10 ways to decorate a small bedroom in order to get the most out of your space, and to keep things on the cozy side.


Light is your best friend when it comes to a small space. Take advantage of windows and use natural light to your benefit. Accentuate windows with window treatments that emphasize them, and can even make them look bigger. Incorporate unnatural lighting strategically as well to liven up the space.

Focal point

Create one focal point that draws the eye towards it. This can be a wall hanging over the bed, the bed itself, or windows. Whatever you choose, by drawing the attention into one focal point, the size of the room is less evident.

Color pallet

Ideally, keep the pallet cool, clean and peaceful. Lighter colors help a room to look bigger and a lot less crowded. You can also get away with adding a few more items to a room if you maintain a light color pallet than you would be able to with darker tones – helpful when dealing with limited space.

Illusions of grandeur

Add mirrors to make space appear larger and add depth to the room. You’ll be surprised how one or two strategically placed mirrors, in collaboration with light, can really open up a small space.

Go for cozy

Choose a luxuriously comfortable mattress – like something from this company – and then make the entire room design all about the bed. Go for luscious blankets and adorable pillows. Lots and lots of pillows! Make the room feel like a tiny oasis that you can crawl into and fall instantly into the deepest sleep of your life. It’s impossible not to enjoy a space like this.

Floor space

Take everything up a notch. Respect the floor space. Use only open bedside table designs that aren’t boxy and occupy a closed-in portion of floor space. And take other floor-dwelling things up, for example, incorporate floating shelves and mounting lighting on the walls, or hanging from the ceiling instead of having standing lamps.

Smart storage

Bedframes with drawers or bedside tables with drawers are a smart idea for a small space. Again, floating shelves are a great storage idea, as they offer space but are still very open, avoiding taking up too much wall space or floor space that make the room look closed-in and smaller. Or, find a way to bury your dresser into a wall so that the storage space is internal and you only see the front of the dresser. Multipurpose items are also good that can act as storage as well as something else more decorative.

Wall space

Keep things relatively sparse. Trying to incorporate too many decorative elements on the walls will make the room look too busy and it will begin to feel cluttered. Choose a couple of favorite pieces and let them take on a lot of the focus.


Do away with the headboard and bulky bedframe, and go minimalistic. A mattress alone on a box-spring is often all that you need. Make it look shabby chic and trendy by elevating the bed only slightly by using pallets. Otherwise, go for simpler, smaller, and space-saving furniture.

Take it to the extreme

If you have an older building style with high ceilings, why not use the space in between? That’s right, build a platform that takes advantage of all of this extra air space so that you can move the bed up. Way up! Having a loft-style level up off of the floor opens up necessary space on the floor for incorporating other things.