Do you want to get rid of the dark circles around the eyes? Well, of course you do. They make you look tired, exhausted, unhealthy, old and take away the freshness of your face.
Some of the main reasons that most people suffer from dark circles are hereditary, aging, dryness of skin, too much crying, working for long hours before the computer, mental or physical stress, lack of sleep and unhealthy diet plan. It is not a serious problem, but when you can easily get rid of them, and doesn’t cost a fortune, why not try it. All the ingredients that you will read here, you already own in your home. So if you have this problem, say bye-bye to it and enjoy your fresh and glowing skin.
We would love to hear, how do you menage with this problem?

Cold Water

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Fresh Cucumber

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Raw Potatoes

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Tomato Juice

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Rose Water

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Almond Oil

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Lemon Juice

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Vitamin E Oil

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Mint Leaves

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