Do you feel like the magic is lost and it is not like it was couple of years ago? Do you go trough a phase in your relationship when you don’t know which path to take, the path to recovery or brake up? If you think you can revive the romance and empower the feelings you once had, continue reading this post. It is normal for a couple to loose it’s chemistry once in a while and that shouldn’t be a reason for a brake up, there are ways to improve virtually any relationship, these ways are universal and they won’t do you any bad if you try them. Involve your partner in the healing process and you will feel like you both are back on track with your feelings.

1. Create a Safe Environment



Create an environment where you both feel safe and can express your feelings. This means, less insults and more apologies. Learn to listen to what he has to say and remember that your partner is not your enemy.

2. Appreciate Each Other



Remember the little things that used to matter? Like eating pasta every Friday night or getting him his favorite cologne every Valentine’s day? Try involving your old cute habits once in a while, you will be surprised by the outcome.

3. Share Power



If you don’t share power with your partner he/she will feel neglected and there is a high chance the relationship won’t last a lot. Accept and practice compromise- it is a part of life.

4. Find Common Ground



In other words, think about goals in life, where you want to be in the future. You will surely find a common ground and when you do, work towards achieving that goal.

5.  Let Go Of Old Wounds



Some people, and yes those who are close to you will hurt you. Forgiveness is the remedy, the cure. If you choose to stay with your partner after what he has done then you have to forgive, if you can’t make yourself move on, let go.

6. Come Clean



The most honorable people aren’t those who make mistakes but the ones who confess them. Being honest is a crucial part of a relationship, you don’t want old mistakes finding their way in to your future, right? Come clean.

7. Do Things That Make You Happy



Do things that make you happy and radiate the positive energy, you can’t make someone happy if you are miserable. The positive changes in a relationship come from looking in the mirror- yourself!

8. Be a Good Listener



It’s easy to storm out and say all the things that you don’t like or that you miss, but being a listener is the one thing we forget to be once in a while. Sometimes you don’t have to say anything back, just listen.

9. Don’t Expect, Accept



Stop the illusions, stop the expectations. You need to know that people never do anything that is out of character, so if you know your partner’s character don’t expect something out of the picture.

10. Let The Wrong Ones Go



Know your limits and your values. If the person you are with doesn’t respect you, treat you right and appreciate you, loosing him is you gaining something more. Every loss is painful but it doesn’t last forever.