Now that the new year is well underway, it can be easy to slip back into bad habits again, despite the best of intentions. So, if you’re already fed up, stressed, and not feeling or looking your best, it’s about time for some self-administered TLC! Here are our top 10 ways to do just that this year.


Meditation is the ultimate restful activity for your body and mind. Just a few minutes in the morning can leave you feeling clear headed and focused – ready to face the day ahead. Check out this simple guide to meditation for beginners and start enjoying the benefits of inner calm.

Protect your Eyes

We wouldn’t dream of going out into the sun without applying sunscreen, so why is it any different with our eyes? A good pair of sunglasses can help preserve the health of your eyes by protecting against harmful UVA/B rays which are present, even in winter. If you’re looking for something fashionable, Edel Optics offer a range of designer sunglasses, which come with 100% total UV protection.

Wash Hair Better

Many of us don’t realize the potential we can unlock in our tresses by changing the way we wash it! Use a coin sized amount of shampoo and apply to damp hair, massaging into the scalp with fingertips in a circular motion to form a lather- this should remove scalp build up and debris. Rinse, and then repeat a second time until hair is ‘squeaky’ clean feeling. Lastly, give hair a quick blast of cold water for extra shine!

Clear Out Your Wardrobe

If you haven’t had a clear out in a while, go through your entire wardrobe and throw away anything you haven’t worn in the last 6 months. If it doesn’t fit, or doesn’t flatter anymore – be ruthless. In return, you’ll reclaim heaps of storage space and be able to grab anything from your wardrobe without a second hesitation.

Get More Sleep

Our bodies need sleep to help healthy cell function, regulate hormones and ensure we stay alert and focused. Get yourself to bed no later than 6 hours before you have to wake up in the morning and ideally aim for 8 hours a night.

Keep a Diary

Whenever something is troubling you, it’s good to talk. Wherever that’s not possible, writing your thoughts down can be therapeutic and emotionally beneficial. As well as the feeling of having unloaded a burden, writing your feelings down gives you time to process your thoughts and gather perspective over time.

Read More

Reading is one of the long lost forms of relaxation that you need to reclaim in 2018! Sign yourself up for a mail order book club or search online to discover the most up-to-the-minute reviews on new releases from trusted news sources and review sites.

Floss Regularly

Not flossing has been linked to heart disease and missing out cleaning hidden tooth surfaces at gum level can cause erosion and tooth decay in the long run. So don’t forget this important step in oral hygiene!

Pamper Yourself

Have a go at making some of your own face masks and give yourself a pampering spa evening. Check out our favorite recipes for clay masks and treat your skin to a deep cleanse.

Laugh out Loud!

Laughter trigger endorphins, relieves stress and increases our immune system’s defenses, so whether it’s going to see a comedy show or goofing around with one of your oldest friends, laughing is good for the soul!