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Top 10 Ways To Look Like You Woke Up Like This

The world is obsessed with the all-natural look, and though it is very hard to obtain it, a pimple will show up now and then, a sleepless night can cause the under eye bags, some wrinkles might show unexpectedly and what not, but remember we are only human and these things are totally normal. Every one of us wants a healthy and perfect looking skin and we must say it is hell of a hard job to get to the point were you are truly satisfied the way your skin looks. Some women are blessed with a healthy skin and others need to take special care and put in a little effort. There are many tricks and ways to look fresher in the morning and hide that sleepiness. Follow these cool tricks that will make you look like you woke up like this.

1. Night Care



In order to look fresh in the morning you have to have a before-bed routine. This includes applying a brightening serum before you apply your favorite moisturizer, so that the blemishes go away time after time. For a better glow look for a serum that is paraben-free.

2. Use Matte Make Up



You don’t want to give an extra shine to the oils that are already in your pores. After cleansing your face with a tonic or just plain, lukewarm water make sure your make up is matte. Starting from your primer to your lipstick and lip liner, all matte.

3. Concealer Is The Key



Concealer can do wonders. It can hide pimples, wrinkles, blemishes, under eye bags and other unwanted stuff on your skin, but it can also highlight the parts of your skin that need highlighting. Apply concealer under your eyes,to the creases of your nose, and at the corner of your lips. Also if you have a pimple that you desperately want to hide, apply concealer and let it stay for a minute before spreading it.

4. Apply Cream Blush



If you think matte make up is too boring, add a cream blush to your cheeks to give you a little bit of sweet shine. A cream blush in the morning is always a better idea than the powder blush because it looks more natural and smooth on your cheeks.

5. Neutral Nails



You want to look as effortless as you can. A neutral nail color is the perfect solution. Neutrals are: beige, ivory, taupe, gray and similar. You will look put together and they are perfect for this upcoming spring season. A quick tip, matte neutral colors are also looking pretty awesome.

6. Transform Your Brows



Fill in your brows with a brow eyeliner or an eye shadow. Choose your color wisely so it doesn’t stand out from your natural brow color. Don’t make the edges to pointy, remember, you want to look like you woke up like this.  If your brows are naturally filled like Cara Delavingne’s, skip this step.

7. Light Brown Shadow



Instead of dark colored eyeliners such as black, use a natural light brown eye shadow under your eyes for a subtle definition. If your eyes are brown, this will open them up even more. You are free to apply this eye shadow all over your eye lid if you want to, the color is neutral and it doesn’t look too intense on the morning eye.

8. Go Light On The Mascara



Nothing looks as fake as a triple layer of spider web on your eyes. Keep that in mind. To elongate your lashes and too look as natural as you can you only need one good layer of a high quality mascara. The important thing is to know how to apply it. Start from the bottom of the lashes and work your way to the top, wiggling your brush side to side.

9. Simple Hairstyle



Nobody wakes up with a perfect high bun on their head. Experiment, be messy and cool. Try a messy bun, an uncombed ponytail or just uncombed hair often times can look really gorgeous. Don’t use gel and products when trying to look natural, they are a spoiler.

10. Blend Eye Shadow



If you want to wear an eye shadow and look natural at the same time, make sure you blend the heck out of the eye shadow. Get a proper brush for blending and just do it. Unblended  eye shadow doesn’t look good in any occasion and especially not in the morning hours.

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