Minimalism is such a popular interior style and it’s easy to see why so many people adore it. It means one thing – less is more and the more you follow this rule, the quicker you’ll get to achieving this style, even when it comes to small rooms such as our bathroom.

Below you can read ten tips on how to make your bathroom more minimalist – you’ll be surprised to see that some of these tips require so little of your time and money as well. Read below and let us know if you’re also a huge fan of minimalism, just like us.

1. Choose Light Colors


When it comes to minimalist bathrooms, the most important thing to focus on first is the color of the room. Minimalist bathrooms (and every other room in general) are always painted in light colors, such as white. It makes the room appear more spacious, it doesn’t tire the eye and it is a good background for wall art!

2. Bathroom Plant


A little greenery won’t hurt – in fact, it is really recommended to add a plant in your room, if you feel like looking after one. Minimalist bathroom very often have plants in them and this is totally up to you – whether there’s going to be any, and if there is – what type of plant it is. When the room is white – painted, greenery adds such a nice contrast to it.

3. Geometry Inspired


Geometric shapes are always a great source of inspiration and make a wonderful outlook to any interior. When it comes to bathrooms, you can play with the tiles and the flooring. Take a look at the flooring and the tiles in this picture – they create an amazing geometry look, aren’t they?

4. Clever Use of Space


Most of us don’t have the luxury to own a huge bathroom. In fact, most of the time it’s a small room we have on hands and we need to make the most out of it, so that we have enough space for the most important things. If you’re able, one of the best ways to give the room more space is by inbuilt shelves, that will allow you to put there things such as towels.

5. Bathroom Lighting


Minimalist means modern as well, so the lighting isn’t excluded. There is plenty of choice here, so take your time to think about what kind of lighting you want for your bathroom. Think about adding it next to the mirror, so that it would help you more when it comes to putting makeup on or other activities.

6. Avoid Clutter


Minimalist bathroom means less is more, so the more stuff you have inside the room, the more far you are from achieving the perfect minimalism. To avoid this from happening, keep things simple and buy only the necessary stuff. If you have more than you need, make sure to keep things organized and it will help you avoid the clutter.

7. Wood Floor


Many times you will notice wood flooring instead the typical bathroom tiles we’re used to see. Don’t be afraid to make this step – it can give your bathroom a classy look, if done the right way. Make sure to have a rug or small carpet to prevent the water from damaging the wood.

8. Bold Detail


We’ve already stressed out how important your wall color is, but this doesn’t mean that you’re not supposed to play with colors. As long as you keep things simple, everything is allowed – including a neon – colored element. It can a wall art decoration, a drawer – whatever you want!

9. Boho – Inspired


If you would like to add some boho touch to your bathroom, there’s a way to do it without making it less minimalist. One of the easiest ways to make a bathroom appear boho is by putting a nice bohemian, ethnic rug and another vintage element – it can be a wooden drawer as well.

10. Decorate


And last, make sure to decorate! Just because it is a bathroom, it doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be decorated. Take a look at this decoration – just a black ladder where you put your towels and your bathroom products. It looks simple, yet so classy!