The most important thing you can do so that you get the best results and do all the work your supposed to is to motivate yourself!  If your in a desperate need of motivation we’re here to help you fix that and organize you well! No more excuses, no more wasting time and starring at the wall while you’re supposed to be studying! For all those who have a problem sitting down and study and fall asleep as soon as the open the book – here go some hopefully helpful ideas to get you motivated to study! Reminding yourself of the benefits you’ll have after completing your assignment and that the sooner you get it done the sooner you’ll clear your conscience and have time for other more fun activities will go a long way. Set your goals and determine to achieve them!

Prepare and Tidy Up Your Study Space


While you’re studying you need a perfect place to pull yourself together and concentrate well. Find a quiet space where you”re not submitted to any kind of distraction. This could be a library, a cafe or a room in your house basically anywhere where you’ll be free from excess noise and interruptions. Avoid places where there is a possibility running to your friends. Just get started! It always is the hardest part, if your study schedule seems to daunting, then set a smaller goal. Consider doing half of the work today and half tomorrow. Remember it’s always better getting something done now than ending up doing nothing at all!

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Make Preparations


The most important thing is setting your goals straight and making a reasonable studying schedule to follow. Set aside a specific time of each day planned to study, rather than telling yourself you’ll just find the time to study. Planning everything in advance will make it way easier for you to stick to your resolution.

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Set Goals


You always have to mind what you’re trying to achieve – this has to be very clear to you in order to make it happen. Think of specific, achievable goals instead of vague generalities. Achieving each goal will make you feel enthusiastic about studying and accomplished at the end of each study session.

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Wear Comfortable Clothes


Even though it’s not good being too comfortable while you’re studying and we don’t recommend lying down or sitting in a very cozy armchair because there’s a threat you’ll fall asleep sooner than even reading the chapter you’re supposed to learn.  We do insist you wear comfortable clothes , clothes that are loose fit and don’t constrict you are the best choice. If you have long hair tie it in a ponytail so it does not fall in front of your face.

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Take Small Breaks


It is really important to take a break from time to time, just remember not to take it too long to get back to studying. It’ understandable that you can’t stay focused for hours. It is better to relax every 2 hours than to exhaust yourself! The only trick is you need to avoid procrastination. Try to keep the ratio of more work over break time.

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Quiz Yourself


Once you feel you’ve understood a concept or a concept you’ve been learning and you’re confident enough it is important to test yourself and be sure.Try and replicate exam conditions and set yourself a study quiz with questions related to the material you’ve been learning. It will give you a very good idea of how much you truly know, as well as some much needed exam preparation, making the actual exam a more comfortable experience when the time eventually comes.

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Make Sure You Have Everything You Need


Equip your desk with everything you might need once you start the process of studying. A must haves are: pens, pencils, erasers, sharpener, highlighter, sticky notes, paper clips etc. A clock to keep track of time and a stopwatch to perform timed tests.

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Keep a Small Stash of Snacks


Keep some water and snacks near by your side. Once you feel low on energy eat something. People are more productive when they’re well hydrated. Small snacks like peanuts, granola bars or some fruit will help you get energized.  Avoid fast food and pastries. These food will give you a short energy rush that will shortly result into sleepiness.

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Remove Distractions


What you need to do first is put your cellphone on silent, and don’t answer when it rings in case it’s not really important. Put the smartphone on silent and keep it somewhere out of sight. Unless you absolutely need it for studying, turn off the computer as well. Don’t check your mail our make “small” pauses to see the latest celebrity gossip. Before you know it you’ll waste a valuable hour.

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Think of The Achievement You’ll Be Making


Think of what you’ll be achieving by studying hard. To keep up a positive attitude, visualize the good outcome that you’ll have. Imagine getting a great score on an exam or  receive praise from your superior. Although studying can sometimes be boring, hard and time consuming thinking of the final result will keep you pushing ahead. Reward yourself when you’ve completed the goal you’ve set.

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