Top 10 Ways To Recover From The End Of A Toxic Relationship

We’ve all been there even once in a lifetime, even once just for a while! Miserable toxic relationships that’re leaving us with nightmares and a bad taste in our mouth. You know that feeling of a heartache that’s not stopping besides all the facts around that ,,the love of your life” wasn’t the right thing for you! Actually, that relationship was pretty bad for you, no matter how hard you’ve tried to ignore the signs!

Defining a toxic relationship isn’t hard! Almost any relationship which is transforming us into desperate ,,little” person who acts in a ways not necessarily of our choosing may be toxic! Whether your partner is physically or emotionally abusive, insults you or not treats you in the way you want and deserve or lies and cheats on you all the time, be sure that those are true signs to put an end to that connection that makes your life a real hell. It’s time to say goodbye!

We’ll be honest, it’ll be painful, but you’ll survive. There are many people who gone through the same and now they’re completely different persons, much happier for sure! Your heart will need a time to recover, but with our guide you’ll survive the end of a toxic relationship much easier! Read carefully our tips from the list below:

1. Cry!



Now when everything is over, give yourself a time for crying! Don’t pretend and don’t act like you don’t care, because that’s not true! Show your real emotions and how you felt… open your heart and soul, listen sad songs and watch romantic movies. Just be sad! Tears will wash all your fears and will mend the pieces of your heart. No one who goes through a bad break up can’t escape the temporary phase of crying, so better do that earlier!

2. Make like he/she doesn’t exist.

No, you can’t pretend like it never happened, but yes you can make like he or she doesn’t exist! This means that you have to block that person on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Delete all phone numbers you have and never answer the phone! Maybe sounds crazy, but that’s the person who gave you a lot of pain. Don’t be weak, even if he or she wants you back or claims that loves you!

3. Don’t Try to Be a Friend with Your Ex

There is no friendship after the toxic relationship. Yes you’ve may heard many people who after a relationship are still friends, but let’s be honest, that works just in theory and sounds great, but somehow it’s impossible. Remember, you can’t be a friend with an ex! It’s painful, dangerous and absolutely unnecessary!

4. Make a List



Make a list with all the terrible and bad things he or she has done to you. Write all the memories you want to forget, all empty promises and all words that broke your heart! Every time you start thinking that things maybe can work between you two, read the list and back to reality!

5. Spend Time with People You Can Trust

At the hardest times your friends and family are always there for you. Share with them all the things that bother you and all those feelings that you haven’t had the courage to say before! They’ll understand you and their advice will surely help in a situation like this!

6. Exercise and Go Shopping



Exercising and shopping mixed together will help you to stay calm and take off all the negative energy! You’ll feel like you’re finally doing something you want and that’s right for you and of course, a new piece of clothes will always bring a smile on your face!

7. Socialize and Stay Busy



Celebrate your smart decision in a real way and go out with friends, drink cocktails and dance on the dance floor like there is no tomorrow! Stay open and meet new people, smile and share opinions! Don’t stay at home alone and find yourself an activity that’ll help you to think less about your past!

8. Start Dating

After you’ve survived those few post-breakup months, it’s totally OK to start dating if you think that you’re ready for that step! This doesn’t mean that you have to search for serious relationship, just find someone who is nice to you and who will help you to regain the trust in yourself and the world around you!

9. Sleep

Wherever you feel like you’re too emotional go to bed and sleep. This way you’ll refresh your mind and you’ll wake up full with positive energy!

10. Be Happy!



There are many great people and happenings in your life that you should be happy about. Try to find happiness in small things and bring your smile with you wherever you go. Because who knows, maybe your real love of your life is just around the corner!

It wasn’t meant to be, but thanks God for that!

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