We love drinking a glass of good wine, but what happens with the bottle when it is over? The bottles can be reused in so many ways. It doesn’t matter if it’s wine bottles, beer bottles or booze bottles. With a touch of your imagination, bottles can be turned into many things that you can actually use.
When you make something out of nothing, and the result is good, you will feel awsome. So for that, we give you 10 ideas how to re-cycle glass bottles. Why throw them away when you can make yourself a beautiful vase, or use it as a flower pot or even make an interesting chandelier. All it takes is some creativity. So if you wonder yourself what to do in your spare time, try to make something out of glass bottles. It is fun, easy and it would not cost you a thing. Check them out!

Wine Bottle Candle Holder

wine-bottle-candelsvia ecokaren.com

Toothbrush Holder

toothvia flickr.com

Christmas Light

glass-bottle-Christmas-ligtsvia cutoutandkeep.net

Hanging Garden

hanging-gardenvia welke.nl


birdfeadervia background-pictures.feedio.net


bottle-chandeliervia fortikur.com

Bottle Vase

vasevia thecolorfullivingproject.blogspot.com

Bottle Fence

bottle-fencevia re-scape.com

Wind Chime

wind-chimevia indulgy.com


shelvesvia motivanova.com