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Top 10 Ways To Reuse Glass Bottles

We all love drinking a glass of good wine, but what happens with the bottle when it is over? The bottles can be reused in so many ways. It doesn’t matter if it’s wine bottles, beer bottles or booze bottles. With a touch of your imagination, bottles can be turned into many things that you can actually use, and that will still look beautiful.

When you make something out of nothing, and the result is good, you know that the feeling is awesome. So in order to do that, we give you 10 ideas on how to recycle glass bottles. Why throw them away when you can make yourself a beautiful vase, or use it as a flower pot or even make an interesting chandelier? All it takes is some creativity. So if you wonder what to do in your spare time, try to make something out of glass bottles. It is fun, easy and it would not cost you a thing. Check it out!

Wine Bottle Candle Holder


Wine is a staple ingredient in every romantic dinner, but another key feature for such evenings is candlelight. And instead of turning an old romance amplifier into just any candle holder just by jamming a candle into it, we suggest you use it as a lantern-like fixture. That way, your candles will never be in the wind. Sir Elton John would be disappointed, but it’s a small price to pay!

Fancy Water Bottle


Welcome to the Mecca of all things fancy. It would be remiss of us not to include what is by far the fanciest option for your old bottles. Once you manage to slice your former booze holder to a chic water bottle, we guarantee you’ll be the talk of the park!

Christmas Light


God rest ye merry drunken guests! That’s right, Christmas Eve now just got a whole lot better. While you’re thinking what to do for Christmas decorations, and at the same time what to do with the bottles from Thanksgiving, you get to kill two birds with one stone.

Hanging Garden


Every person’s home is their castle. And while not everyone has a splendorous courtyard that would be the envy of Babylonian and Persian kings, it’s fairly easy to make sure you have a hanging garden that will hang high above the neighbors.



Speaking of birds and stones above, the bottleneck is a beautiful means of channeling your compassionate nature that’s eager to help any creature in need. Mother Nature would be grateful for sure!



Ms. Cnanandler Bong? No, neither Chandler from Friends, nor a bong. It’s your very own self-made chandelier that will light up any room with both electric illumination and the awe of the beholders. Who says beer drinking is no use?

Bottle Vase


Speaking of beers and six-packs, those pesky little man-pacifiers will be unrecognizable after a coat of spray paint. And before you know it, you’ve got yourself some fine-looking vases for all your flowers.

Bottle Fence


Is it a good idea to stack different-colored bottles in a line that makes for a wall-like feature? We’re on the fence about this one. Just kidding, of course it’s a good idea! In fact, may your radiant rainbow fence fend off any negative thoughts away from your home.

Wind Chimes


Ain’t no wind chimes when she’s gone… Wait a second, we must’ve had a bit too much wine. But if we didn’t, how could we ever come up with the raw material for all these amazing projects?



Everyone knows shelving can be tricky. Doing them requires a bit of woodworking, not to mention a lot of planning on style and placement. Well, we hope that this idea removes at least one headache from the equation. As Sir Sean Connery would say, “Believe in your shelf.”

Lo and behold, we’ve made it to the end of our list. We don’t know about you, but after going through it all, we might treat ourselves to a glass. Heaven knows there’s no sadder sight than an empty bottle.

So, what do you make of these ideas? Do you like any of them? Leave a comment to tell us what you think.

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