Top 10 Ways to Take Better Photos with Your Phone

We are the selfie generation, photo-documenting everything from our new outfits to what we ate for lunch. Sharing our lives in photos snapped with our phones is a normal daily occurrence. The rise of the selfie, and phone photography in general, is owing to the emergence of digital technology that allows photographs to become truly instantaneous. With the social trend going viral, phone photos have only grown in popularity over the years, now becoming its own photographic form that stems beyond the selfie into professional and artistic photography.

Interested in embracing your phone camera’s potential? Whether you want to shoot a stunning portrait, a breathtaking composition, or merely more selfies, here are the top ten ways for you to take better pictures with your phone.


Keep it simple. Don’t try to capture too much, and keep backgrounds uncomplicated. Respect empty space and focus on only one subject.

Don’t zoom in!

People often try to capture a subject from a distance by zooming in on it, but this only reduces the pixelation quality, which leaves you with a bad photo. It is better to get closer, or to take the photo and just crop and edit it later.

Edit and Filter

Use filters and photo editing software, like Adobe Photoshop or one of the other alternatives. There is also of course a plethora of editing apps available, allowing you to shoot, edit, and post photos right from your phone. So use them! You will see the quality of your phone photographs going up significantly by a lot less zooming and a little more editing.

Play with Angles

Switch it up by playing with high and low angles. You can often create a unique photo composition just by representing your subject matter from a new, unexpected angle, offering an entirely new perspective.

Use Diagonal Subject Points

In landscapes, it’s ok to have subjects in both the foreground, middle-ground, and background, since they all lend to the same scene and don’t distract from the overall composition. When doing this, though, set up subjects diagonally from each other; this will create a more balanced and harmonious composition.

Make it a Silhouette

For an artistic flare, try shooting against the source of light, creating a silhouette of your subject. You can actually take great silhouette photos with phone cameras, as they are incredibly well set up for it.

Play with Reflections

Whether with a phone or not, reflections always make a photograph more interesting. Set up an intriguing composition and keep both subject and reflection well-positioned within the frame of the photo.

Embrace Symmetry

Placing a subject to the side of a photographic frame and adhering to the rule of thirds is widely recommended and does produce a great photo; however, there is a clean, balanced quality to symmetrical photos that cannot be undervalued as well. So go ahead and break the rules every now and then and see what you create. For either approach, turn on the gridlines in your camera functions so that you can better line up the shot.

Try Out Leading Lines

A leading line is something drawing the eye of the viewer in a particular direction in the photograph; for example, a winding path or an ascending staircase. Leading lines can easily achieve a sense of depth, as well as engage the viewer to follow, looking more closely at the photograph.

Try it Without Flash

Sometimes flash is absolutely necessary; however, sometimes you can create a really intriguing photograph by leaving your flash off. Although the cameras on smartphones are good (and getting better and better), the flash is usually not, and the end result is overexposed photos. Whenever you can, take advantage of a natural light source.

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  • Very much useful tips for the beginner like me.
    Plz. share something about props too, especially for food photography.

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