The primary use for baby powder is of course, for babies skin. But, it isn’t used just for babies anymore. Many people prefer to use baby products because they are made to be gentler with the skin, and they don’t contain the chemicals they put in adult products. One of the makeup secrets that manufacturers want to keep in secret is baby powder, and the reason is that it is used for many cosmetic purposes. You can use it to set your make-up, eye shadow, or lipstick. It’s also great when you get out of the shower as a body powder that will keep you fresh all day, or dry shampoo when your hair is greasy,and much more other uses. The baby powder is a real blessing, so we suggest that you always carry in your purse a little bottle with it!

On Armpits to Stop Sweating

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Absorbs Oil from Greasy Hair

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Setting Liquid Foundation on Face

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Remove Oil Stains From Clothing

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Prevent Shoes From Smelling

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Before and After Waxing

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Before Applying Mascara

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Detangle Jewellery

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Make Your Own Long-lasting Eyeshadow

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Slip on Your Rubber Gloves

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