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Top 10 Ways to Wear Leggings

Leggings are a versatile piece of any woman’s wardrobe, but not every woman understands how to wear them properly. You can wear them under dresses, tucked into boots, and with cute tunic tops. There are different colors, types, prints, and fabrics. By mixing and matching colors and choosing the right shoes, leggings can be worn in any season. From classic combinations, to rock star chic, we have the gamut covered in these 10 looks. Whether you’re looking for new ways to wear leggings you already own, or just don’t know if leggings are right for you, read on! Here are some top tips that will help you rock the leggings look, as well as a few outfit ideas to get your inspiration going, and be sure you are wearing your leggings stylishly.

Faux Leather Leggings With Casual Top

faux-leather-leggings-and-top-Photo credit to Pinterest

Casual outfit for everyday use. The faux leather leggings are comfortable and also chic. This type of material makes the leggings look like pants. This outfit is paired with a warm, cozy, casual top and sporty white sneakers. Perfect for autumn or early spring days. Simple jewelry and a matching small bag is all you need to finish this look.

Sports Leggings With Oversized Top And Coat

leggings-with-oversized-coat-Photo credit to Pinterest 

These sporty leggings are super comfortable. Is a rather simple outfit, mixing the earthy tones in each piece of clothes. It is defiantly a comfy choice for around the house too. The army green leggings are paired with a casual brown top, nude midi-length coat, and a small brown bag. The footwear can be of a different choice too; from sporty sneakers to ankle boots.

Oversized Sweater/Tunic

leggings-with-oversized-sweater-tunic-Photo credit to Pinterest

Comfy sweater to warm you in the colder days? Yes, please. Such a chic and cool look. Here are used faux leather leggings, but for this kind of top, any material will do the same job. The tunic is a warm version of a dress and the leggings of tights. Again, go for either sports shoes or boots too.

Gingham Leggings With Long Shirt

gingham-leggings-with-black-shirt-Photo credit to Pinterest

The gingham leggings are considered a more classic version than the regular casual leggings. Especially in this case when they are combined with a classic shirt. The shirt is long, but the front is tucked inside allowing the black buttons to be seen. Super professional look, finalized with black pointy ankle boots.

Flower Print With Tee

floral-leggings-Photo credit to Pinterest

If you want to wear floral print leggings, do not think a lot of what kind of top to put with them. Keep it simple and one colored. The attention is already on the design of the leggings therefore the rest of the outfit should be kept neutral. A white tee will always be the best option because it goes well with everything, but if you have the same color top as the flowers of the leggings, then go for it.

Animal Print Leggings And Denim Jacket

zebra-leggings-Photo credit to Pinterest

Animal print leggings are best combined with denim. This sporty look has an Adidas white top and cap, and a denim jacket with them. Something different than the classic jeans, adding color and comfort. Sporty shoes like sneakers are best for this everyday outfit. You will feel comfy and youthful.

Faux Leather Leggings With Faux Fur Long Winter Coat

faux-fur-leggings-with-faux-fur-coat-Photo credit to Pinterest

Loving this look. This is a great example that the leggings can bring class and make you look very modern. They are not only for running and jogging, especially the faux leather leggings. They act like pants. Brown and white winter edition, matching the top and the shoes, and the leggings with the coat. Golden accessories and a white hat are a perfect match for the winter days.

Ready To Exercise Leggings

ready-to-excersise-leggings-Photo credit to Pinterest

The leggings that we have when exercising are the comfiest wear you might have, after the pajamas. Usually, they come as a set of two, including the matching top. Consider having this outfit when you have so many things to finish around the city, in not a lot of time. Just bring your big bag and plenty of water with you.

Leggings With Classic Blazer

leggings-with-classic-blazer-Photo credit to Pinterest

The classic blazer has beautiful golden buttons accessorizing the overall outfit perfectly. The tanned color suits her darker skin completion well without forgetting the unusual yet lovely pair of leggings cut from the bottom. The shoes and handbag, with a touch of gold too from the strap to match finalize the look of a businesswoman out to mean business.

Plaid Leggings With Leather Jacket

plaid-leggings-with-leather-jacket-Photo credit to Pinterest

This is a youthful look of a young and talented businesswoman, wearing casually her attire. We love the Scottish pattern on the leggings adding character and style, so much so that she does not need a fussy top, only plain not to try too hard to compete against them. The touch of Bordeaux from the leather jacket can be worn over the shoulder walking with the ultimate confidence.

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  1. That…was not helpful. “How to wear leggings: Don’t, unless you have a white top or like to wear funky print on your legs.” How about covering the how-to’s of tastefully wearing leggings, since you said they’re not pants? How about addressing whether leggings can be worn with any length dress or whether they look better with certain dresses?

  2. The title would have been more appropriate if it read “10 Styles of Leggings to Wear” rather than “10 Ways to Wear Leggings” because other then the sports leggings, these were all worn in a similar fashion. You basically gave us 10 leggings with different colors or patterns. Not very helpful and the title is a bit misleading. Sarah White has given you some great ideas for future articles on how to appropriately feature leggings.

    • Totally agree!!!! And saying “they’re not pant” but showing them as pants is ridiculous. I planned to send this pin to my teenage daughter for guidelines. Only problem is the examples are all of leggings as pants.


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