It’s march already and it’s time to burn fat you’ve collected this winter. The hardest part, as you know, is to start. The second hardest part, is to know what to start with. When you know what you should consume and what’s good for your dieting, you will have the will to start right away. Breakfast it’s easy, lunch too, but how about dinner? First of all, no matter what time you wake up, your dinner shouldn’t be after 7pm. Since you have plenty of time left to be awake after your dinner time, make sure your last dish it’s filling but still healthy and not too heavy. We have prepared top 10 dishes that we think might help you in losing weight healthy way, and still, not stay hungry. Enjoy the list and understand that proper and healthy nutrition is a key for happy life! Be happy with your body, everything else it’s gonna come at its place! Bon appetite!

Pecorino Cheese And Grilled Pears

Summer dish but recommended throughout the entire year. It is not only light, but delightful as well. Very well know combination of fruits and cheese has never been more attractive. Grilled pears give a warmth and juiciness to the salad, while the cheese balance with it’s neutrality. Add grapes, salad leaves and squeeze some lemon on top of it.



Baked Salmon With Crushed Almonds And Maple Syrup

You can have many combinations in this dish, but as a salmon has the omega 3 acids and the almonds are the best antioxidants, we suggest this as you fav of all times dish. Add veggies and cover on with maple syrup that will just give a finish to your meal. 



Mediterranean Meatloaf

Good combination of protein and taste of greek riviera mixed in. Ground turkey it’s very lean and combined with fresh  veggies or a salad is gonna make a perfect dinner for you.



Bean Stew

On a lightly breezy night, the best dish is a warm dish. And nothing feels like home as a bean stew does. Full of vitamin c and nutritious vegetables, we give this dish a big plus.



Roasted-Potato Mackerel

Since you can easily fall in food monotony, try mackerel instead of salmon from time to time. It is a great source of omega 3 acids as well, and combined with potatoes and vegetables, it’s gonna keep you full for a longer period of time. Healthy and skinny.



Grilled Greek Pizza

They say mediterraneans are skinny and healthy, so why not use their recipes on the pizza also? Instead of putting extra cheese, bacon and pepperoni, try it with salad and veggies. You’ll be happy you tried it, since the taste is very addictive.



Chicken Tomato Cucumber Salad

Another mediterranean way and style. This salad is a source of vitamins, proteins in case you decide to add chicken and freshness at its best. Great dinner that will satisfy your appetite but still make you feel and look skinny.



Couscous Filled Tomatoes

Couscous mixed in with avocado and olives and all that put in a baked and warm tomato. Light, low on calories and very tasty.



Tuna Salad

This is all season salad. You never get bored of it, it is very juicy and the best dish while on diet. Tuna, combined with arugula or spinach, corn, tomatoes and avocado. Mmmm, we are getting hungry here!



Asparagus Shrimp

And now, we are literally starving. Easiest and the most delicious dish to make! Shrimps and asparagus on a grill, with some rice on the side. Squeeze some lemon on top of it and you are ready to go!