Are you ready for the exotic summer? Well it is time to change all the dark nail colors with elegant and beautiful shades of white, silver and beige. It’s a trend, it’s a must! With all the colorful and attractive clothes you wear, this kind of nail art will definitely catch eyes!  And guess what? You can wear all the jewelry you posses, and yes, there is no limit. Be prepared for the magic summer paradise and show everyone who you are.  It is already known that less means more, so we prepared top 10 summer nail designs. They are all wonderful and you should try some, or all of them if you can!

All White

White nails can be so stylish and beautiful. Especially in summer, when your skin is a little bit darker and shiny. With some colorful clothes and make up, they will catch everyone’s eyes.


Silver Detail

The nail art is totally trendy. Silver details and glittering shades can be amazing. There are so many ideas, you just have to be different this summer.


Shimmery Finish

Absolutely our favorite and a must try! White color nails with a thin red line and matte silver finish. So glamorous and modern! It’s easy to do and it’s a brilliant look!



Combination of white and beige colors can be a powerful and modern nail art this season. It totally fits with every style you wear, even if it’s day or a night occasion.


Thin Lines

White nails with just few thin lines can look wonderful! You can change the color of the line depends on what you wear. But some silver and natural colors can save your time and you will look fab!


Black And White

Why simple french manicure, when you can try something different? All white nails with just a thin black finish looks so fashionable and modern.


Red Finish

So elegant, simple and classy.The  matter what kind of purse or dress you wear, they can’t be a wrong choice. The combination of beige color with an elegant red finish is ideal look for the summer.


All Together

If white, gold and black all together sounds great to you, why don’t you choose this design for the summer! You will be definitely spotted and different! So classy for the night parties!


Gold Shades

Sand, sun and a cocktail? Guess what’s missing? Your nails perfectly designed with some gold shades! No matter what style is your favorite, this art should be on your nails at least for one day!



Well, if you are tired of all the nail designs and art, simple and natural look can never go out of style. Looks so elegant, sophisticated and classy! And it’s easy to do!