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Top 10 Whole Wheat Bread Recipes

Bread from all over the world is a universal language. Hundredths of millions will have this wonderful and magical item on their table at least once a day. Or like the French in every meal.

If you’re from Asia however rice takes top place but for the rest, it is a commodity that is indispensable. Bread comes in any shape or form and is enjoyed alongside breakfast, with a salad, with a meal containing a delicious sauce, or simply, when one feels like it.

Throughout the world so many different types are available and most of them do not take a degree in a bakery. You’ll try and error but eventually will find your way to fluff up the dough. Here’s a top ten for you must try at home.

1. Magic Multigrain Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread


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Magic multigrain whole wheat sandwich bread is one of the classics easily achieved in your kitchen. And oh my, perfect for your Sunday lunch outings ready for the dream picnic. Or for the kids off to school for their luncheon, super versatile. It’s hearty and frankly magical. It melts in the mouth. Toast it, and even the butter will thank you the more for it.

2. Whole Wheat Bread in 5 Minutes


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A bread without much kneading must be the most desirable bread to create and bake. The whole wheat bread is a super healthy option of eating bread and can also be available while using gluten-free flour. It will not leave you bloated but with a sense of satisfaction without regretting, you ate half a loaf! Wonderful with a fresh and seasonal salad or indeed with poultry alongside a light gravy.

3. Whole Wheat Bagels


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For the bagels, we really have to thank The Poles for this. What else would we do with our smoked salmon and sour cream? The bagel has been in our hearts for decades. And now, we can enjoy them by making them in our home. Not overly complicated you’ll fall in love with making them; but not as much as eating them. You’ll be making what’s called lean dough as there is no fat in them. If kneading by hand, you’ll need a pretty strong hand for the dough. Once done, poke a hole in the middle, widen it, and off you go.

4. Wholemeal Ciabatta


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Wholemeal ciabatta is a rustic bread in itself. You might not believe that ciabatta was only created in the early 80’s Arnaldo Cavallari, as a direct response to his country’s reliance on French baguettes. The word itself was named after the Italian word slipper. Perfect for dipping in a sauce or simply for a lovely sandwich, you’ll find thousands of reasons to use ciabatta. Traditionally, the bread will contain very high gluten wheat flour and requires more water than most other recipes you will ever find. A little tricky as the dough is very wet and could even feel like a heavy batter, but the results in the oven will be stunning.

5. Whole Wheat Baguettes


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It has been known that the French baguette obtains the unmistakable flagship of the most known ever bread in the world. Originally, this “miracle” was created with white flour base were first thought of by Napoleon’s bakers themselves, to mainly ease the transport for his soldiers. The French show such importance and respect for the elongated shaped wonders. You’ll quickly turn your kitchen into a proper little French bakery when creating these crunchy, elongated “sticks” this time with whole wheat flour.

6. Basic Whole Wheat Bread


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Whole wheat bread has a place in hearts for its deep nutty flavors and chewy texture. It’s one of everyone’s favorite to make at home. If you feel like a little superstar in your kitchen, then surely this won’t be fazing you. Whole wheat contains very little gluten which will not make you feel uncomfortable nor bloated at the end of a meal. This also means however that the difficulty of kneading is timed by two as whole wheat tends to be dense and crumbly making it challenging when kneading. However, in this recipe, you will find that 50% of the flour has been replaced by all-purpose flour to ease the process. Next time, brave it!

7. Peanut Butter & Banana Whole Wheat Quick Bread


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Peanut butter and banana whole wheat bread, do we need to say much more? Perhaps because it deserves all our attention. A favorite childhood distant memory that can easily be reunited with the present. For kids and adults, this recipe is bound to put a smile on your face. It’s quick and super easy to do and very rewarding. It includes Greek yogurt which will assist the bread into being a little softer too, therefore…enjoy more perhaps?

8. No-Knead Honey Whole Wheat Bread


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We like our no-knead bread. And another perfect example of this honey whole wheat bread without exception. Honey brings out a little sweetness to the final version and works perfectly with the old-fashioned oats. In this recipe, you will find 25% of the all-purpose flour being replaced with whole-grain flour. Well worth it recipe perfect with smoked salmon or any other smoked dishes. Chewy inside, proper nutty and crisp outside.

9. High Protein Whole Grain Date and Walnut Bread


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This bread recipe would be perfect for gym people, or simply during the evening to eat a breakfast inspired meatloaf. How many times have you enjoyed cornflakes at 1 am? Well, this recipe falls into the exact same principle and category. The bread has a great source of protein from the walnuts with also the assistance from the whey powder. Account for around 10g of protein and 150 calories. Slice it super thin, toast it, and get the best ever sweet crackers! Brilliant with blue cheese or indeed any type of cheese with nutty flavors.

10. Country Harvest Bread


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Last but not least, the country harvest bread. Old fashioned perhaps but a must-try. A very healthy approach to eating bread thanks to the multitude of seeds making it also very hearty. This is pretty close to an organic recipe which makes it the ideal choice for an eating well lifestyle. Once golden brown your bread is ready and perfectly suited to all leaf salads, everything green full of fresh herbs. Even grate a little garlic onto them and serve with a fresh tomato salad. Perfectly delicious.

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