How many times have you been invited to a winter party and just figured out you had nothing reasonable to wear? Don’t worry there are big sales in almost every store around and it is easier if you have something in mind already. If you don’t have time to worry about what to wear when invited on a winter party and can’t deal with clothing euphoria we’ve got your back in so many levels. We’ve gathered the absolute top trends this winter for you to choose from. These peaces of outfits can be found in every suburban mall– or with lookalike pieces you already have lying around in your closet. You will look like you have been planing this outfit for a long time. Don’t hesitate, try these awesome combinations or simply imply some of the advises on your outfit and look even more glamorous and chic.

The Peter Pan Collarpeter-pan-collar


The peter pan collars are everywhere this year, you can wear them as an accessory or as part of a shirt or a dress. Some may say it is too juvenile and others like the retro vibe that gives to the outfit. If you have a black mini dress that you want to wear just buy this kind of collar and personalize your outfit.

Patterned Tights



Make your outfit funky with adding some unusual and patterned tights. They don’t have to be black, see what matches your outfit best and you’ll look like you were planning it out for weeks even if you were just digging through your sock drawer.

The Understated Silver Outfit



It’s that time of the year when you can show and wear your glitzy glam dress or skirt o any peace of shiny clothing that you own. Make it a whole outfit while still not looking too flashy by adding modest accessory and more natural make up.

Sheath Dress



It’s a classic. Choose a sheath dress with a stand out color like hot pink and combine with neutral shoes and neutral make up like the picture above. You will look classy but chic.




Adding suit to an outfit will instantly and automatically add glamour and sophistication to the style. Suits are not only for work ladies, they can be matched with jeans and dresses. Ty it.

The I’m-a-Shiny-Gold-Goddess Outfit



Take a look at Ambrosio and her gorgeous dress. Even though you may not find the exact same dress, look for dresses with gold notes or sparkles to spice up and break the monotony during the white winter days.

The Maxi-Dress Outfit



No cute shoes? No one will see them! OK that’s maybe not the main reason why we like maxi dresses. They look classy without much effort. If you prefer a black maxi dress add golden accessories like rings or necklaces .

Draped Open-Front Cardigan



Grey cardigan combined with heels gives the perfect casual outfit. The cardigan says “Who, me? I just got out of bed. I look casual and cool.” Add jewelry like some statement earrings or a bracelet and you are ready.

Cropped Tops



THIS is the outfit to wear when you see your ex for the first time in a while. If you don’t want your tummy to be seen then combine a crop top with high-waisted jeans or pencil skirt.




Burgundy was the color for this fall and continues to be in the spotlight this winter. Knowing this, use a touch of burgundy in your outfit as jewelry, accessories, clothing piece or even burgundy colored make up.