Top 10 Winter Side Dish Recipes

Imagine – a cold winter day, you are finally home after work and you want to eat something tasty and warming accompanied by a good glass of wine…And what is a good meal without the most delicious side dish? Roasted veggies, healthy salads, melting casserole or even a spicy salsa will surly do the thing in winter! We’ve chosen The Top 10 Winter Side Dish Recipes that will make your afternoon better and warmer, enjoy.

Roasted Winter Vegetables

top-10-winter-side-dish-recipes_01Recipe via

Clean Eating Winter Jicama Salsa

top-10-winter-side-dish-recipes_02Recipe via

Potato and Chestnut Casserole

top-10-winter-side-dish-recipes_03Recipe via 

Hearty Winter Vegetable Side Dish

top-10-winter-side-dish-recipes_04Recipe via

Brussels with hustle

top-10-winter-side-dish-recipes_05Recipe via

Roasted Winter Squash Salad Recipe

top-10-winter-side-dish-recipes_06Recipe via

Butternut Squash Stir Fry

top-10-winter-side-dish-recipes_07Recipe via

Honey Rosemary Roasted Baby Carrots

top-10-winter-side-dish-recipes_08Recipe via

Winter Vegetable and Pulse Casserole

top-10-winter-side-dish-recipes_09Recipe via

A Healthy AND Tasty Spinach Recipe

top-10-winter-side-dish-recipes_10Recipe via

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