Whether you want to warm your head, hide from the winter sun of just to complement your style, wide brimmed hats are the right decision. They could be the perfect accoutement to all your chilly-day needs.
You can look sophisticated, stylish, feminine and bold at the same time, they can be such a unique accessory for your cold days styling.
If you have not wore this type of hats, here is the perfect chance to do that, we assure you that they suit anyone, you just need to find the perfect shape for you, and all you are left to do is being glamorous where ever you go!
We hope that we will help making your decision with this 10 ideas, so ladies good luck with finding the right brim-hat and enjoy wearing it!

Simple Black

simple-blackPhoto credit to exploredreamdiscoverblog.com

Feminine Hat

feminine-light-color-hatPhoto credit to salad-eyes.tumblr.com

Grey Hat

grey1Photo credit to freepeople.com

Champagne White Hat

champagne-white-hatPhoto credit to thatstylemovement.blogspot.com

Burgundy Hat

burgundy1Photo credit to listal.com

Nougat Hat

nougat-hatPhoto credit to etsy.com

Red Hat

red2Photo credit to revolveclothing.com

Brown Hat

brown-hatPhoto credit to stylebistro.com

White Hat

white-hatPhoto credit to pappzd.com

Peru Hat

peru-hatPhoto credit to freepeople.com