Spring is a favorite part of the year for many of us! The sun is shining, the day lasts longer and the weather is hotter…these are just a few of the reasons why we adore the approaching season. If you’re a DIY addict and if you’re satisfied with the previous benefits just like us, now you have a perfect excuse to create something amazing by yourself! We’ve rounded up 10 wonderful home decor ideas that are inspired by the spring and the good thing is that you can make them with your hands. Scroll down and see what we’ve prepared for you. This list is really something special and we’re completely sure that you’ll find some decoration that’ll embellish your home. Get crafty and be ready for spring on time!

Two Paper Flower Lantern

We’ve decided to open today’s list with a craft that’s made from paper. This DIY Two Paper Flower Lantern is a very pretty idea that will bring a dose of romance and coziness in your room!


via craftynest.com

Gold and Green Ombre Spring Sign

Gold and Green Ombre Spring Sign is something that will make you smile wherever you notice it. It’s completely easy to create and the end result is a positive mood everywhere around the house…you must have it!


via thehappyhousie.com

Twig & Butterfly Centerpiece Tutorial

The good thing when you have a unique centerpiece is that you can use it for different types of decorations. This Twig & Butterfly Centerpiece can be perfect as a table, mantel or shelf decor. The possibilities are endless, you just have to create it!


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Washi Tape Topiary Centerpiece

One more centerpiece on the list, but this project is completely different from previous one. The Washi Tape Topiary Centerpiece is an appropriate decor if you want to have a little garden in your home. The green color and little trees will make you feel relaxed and homey!


via tatertotsandjello.com

DIY Spring Wreath

There is no list with decor ideas that doesn’t include a wreath! Here is a tutorial that will show you how to make a charming spring wreath out of greenery and flowers. It’s an absolutely uncomplicated project that’s worth the effort…all your neighbors will be surprised by your craft skills!


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Garden Hose Wreath

We’re continuing with one more wreath project. The only difference between these two suggestions is that this Garden Hose Wreath is more appropriate for your country house!


via redheadcandecorate.com

DIY Butterfly Feeder Jar

Do you love butterflies?! They can be very, very beautiful, especially those that are big and colorful. If you really want to have them around the house, then create and hang a DIY Butterfly Feeder Jar in the backyard and wait for those cute insects to stop by!


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DIY Sun Catcher

Sun is a real inspiration for many of you. So, if you’re one of those people that adore the sun and sunny weather, then this DIY Sun Catcher is the real deal for you. It’s a difficult idea, but the end results are totally surprising!


via alittlecraftinyourday.com

Washi Tape Wooden Birds

The Washi Tape Wooden Birds are a real spring project for two reasons. First, they’re a real splash of colors (just like the spring days) and second they’re a completely appropriate embellishment for Easter. You can accomplish this idea in just a couple of minutes and there is nothing you can lose, so go ahead!


via hoosierhomemade.com

DIY Butterfly Wall Decor

Are you in a need for a blank wall solution? If your answer is positive, then this DIY Butterfly Wall Decor will fulfill your expectations. It’s desperately romantic and cute, so get crafty and be proud of your DIY skills!


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