Top 10 Wonderful Street Style Looks from Milan Fashion Week SS 2016

The Milan Fashion Week SS 2016 was the third in row, following the ones in New York and London. The Milanese streets were all about fashion and style. Many bloggers, models, fashion editors and other famous guests attended the shows and proved that style comes in different colors, shapes and clothing materials. It is hard to pick only ten street style looks when there were many that took our breath away, but we still managed. It’s up to you to give a look and choose your daily fashion inspiration. Have fun!

1. That 70’s Look


Remember how our mothers were saying not to throw clothes away because the fashion trends from the past keeps coming back? This season we are delighted to wear clothes inspired from the 70’s fashion. Wearing flare jeans, boho shirts and hats are only few of the clothing pieces you can wear to achieve this look. Some vintage jewelry or a belt would do the trick as well.

2. Monochrome 


It’s all about black and white combinations. All women should wear one from time to time. It’s stylish and it leaves you with many, many outfit combinations. In this case, we have a black romper combined with black boots, white shirt and white bag. A black jacket would look fine with this as well.

3. Sequin Pants


Fashion icon Gilda Ambrosio really nails this look. It proves that simple clothing pieces with details on them can look so unique and stylish. The jeans with sequins on a pink basis are really something special. The grey coat also adds so much to the look. With this stylish outfit, the best way to finish it is with amazing shoes, such as these heels. From the whole outfit, we recommend getting pants that will be the crown of your look.

4. Little White Dress


You can never go wrong with little white dress. Besides the black one, having a white dress in your wardrobe is really a must. It shapes better the body figure and white is such a nice, neutral color. But, what really makes this street style look not so simple are the boots. The snake print boots really rock this outfit. Second thing we must note are the long sleeves of the dress. This season they are so in!

5. Fashion Diva


It girl Candela Novembre picked an amazing Philipp Plein dress that made her look like what she truly is – a fashion diva. These type of dresses can’t be worn on everyday basis. But, when it comes to special occasions, we really should spoil ourselves a bit and buy a dress that will steal our heart in the moment we see it.

6. Touch of Red


ELLE accessories director Maria Dueñas Jacobs shows how wearing simple clothes can look way more great than just simple. One – colored sweater, skirt with an interesting print, black ankle boots and white bag. Simple, but so sweet! You can easy copy this look and you may already have this clothes in your wardrobe. This combination rocks because not only you will look great, but you are going to feel comfortable wearing it.

7. Colors of Autumn


Autumn has arrived and we can already see how it inspires us even when it comes to the way we dress ourselves. Crimson red, brown, yellow, just to name few of the colors that remind us of this wonderful weather. If you don’t have any clothes in these colors, then shopping them now is the perfect time because every store has so many clothes and accessories inspired by Autumn, that they will really take your breath away!

8. A Thing for Coats


It was really impossible not to notice how long coats are definitely one of the biggest trends for awhile. Not only they are such a trend, but they are also very comfortable and will keep you warm. So, choose your favorite color and the model that you think it fits you the best. During the fashion weeks, yellow, brown and any other Autumn color were noticed on different clothing pieces, so the coats weren’t an exception.

9. Maxi


The editor-at-large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan Anna dello Russo with every of her look shows what a fashion icon she truly is. This time she’s wearing a maxi dress with a bohemian blue print. Every woman should own at least one maxi dress in her wardrobe. Their material can really help in fighting off the summer heat! And not to mention that they really look flattering and pretty.

10. Blue Skirt, White Shirt


Another look that proves the loose sleeve trend at the moment. If they ar enot satisfying your taste that’s fine. You can stick with the regular shirts and combine them with a denim skirt and a hat. You are going to look so great and feel so awesome for wearing such a stylish combination. Confidence boosters, here we come!

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