They can be soft or hard. White or yellow. Salty or no tasty. They can differ by the smell or form. They can be recognized by the length of aging, method of making, fat content or country or region of origin. It is all about cheese, cheese, cheese. It is the most eaten product in the world. You can make a combination with pasta, rice, with a pie or potatoes. With almost everything. But you will love to taste many of them at the same time, with just a glass of quality red wine. Okay, glass or two. If you are cheese lover and you want to try the top 10 cheeses in the world, you are on the right place.

Gorgonzola Cheese-Italy


Made from cow’s milk. Country of origin: Italy. Region: Gorgonzola. Type: soft, blue-veined. Fat content: 25-35%. Texture: crumbly and firm. Color: yellow

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Camembert Cheese-France


Made from cow’s milk. Country of origin: France. Region: Normandy. Synonyms: Camembert Le Châtelain. Type: soft soft-ripened. Fat content: 45%. Texture: creamy,soft-ripened and supple. Rind: bloomy. Color: pale yellow.

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Red Windsor Cheese-England


Made from cow’s milk marbled with different varieties of red wine. Country of origin: England. Region: Leicestershire.  Type: hard. Fat content: high in fats. Texture: semi-hard. Rind: natural mould. Color: pink and white color.

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Emmental Cheese-Switzerland


Made from cow’s milk. Country of origin: Switzerland. Region: Berne, Emmental. Alternative spellings: Emmentaler, Emmenthaler, Emmenthal. Type: hard. Rind: natural.

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Danablu Cheese-Denmark


Made from cow’s  milk. Country of origin: Denmark. Type: semi-sof, blue-veined. Fat content: 25-30%. Texture: creamy and crubly. Color: white.

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Feta Cheese-Greece


Made from goat and sheep’s milk.  Country of origin: Greece. Region: Macedonia, Thrace, Thessaly, Central Mainland Greece, the Peloponnese and Lesvos. Type: soft, brined. Fat content: 21 g/100g. Texture: creamy, crubmly, grainy and open. Color: white

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Gouda Cheese-Netherlands


Made from cow’s, goat’s or sheep’s milk. Country of origin: Netherlands. Region: South Holland, Gouda. Type: semi-hard,  artisan, brined, proccesed. Fat content: 31 g/100.  Texture: crumbly, dense and springy.  Rind: waxed. Color: yellow

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Halloumi Cheese-Cyprus


Made from cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s milk. Country of origin: Cyprus. Region: Middle East. Type: semi-hard, artisan, brined. Texture: chewy, creamy, firm and springy. Rind: rindless. Color: white

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Passendale Cheese-Belgium


Made from cow’s milk. Country of origin: Belgium. Region: Passendale. Type: semi-hard, soft-ripened. Fat content: 28%.  Texture: creamy. Rind: natural. Color: golden orange.

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Ashed Pyramid Cheese-Australia


Made from goat’s milk. Country of origin: Australia. Region: Yarra Valley. Type: fresh-soft, artisan. Fat content: 45%. Texture: creamy and crumbly. Rind: rindless. Color: white

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