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Top 10 World Wide Traditional Desserts

Just when you think you tasted heaven with that chocolate, boom! We come up with some more heaven for you. Sweet one. Spread all over the world. Although it sounds like a cliche and boring, whenever you travel, you should open up yourself to the tradition of the country you are in.

It doesn’t always have to be lunch and heavy food. Sweet lovers could stick to sweets. And believe it or not, almost every country in this world has its own specialty we never even heard of.

Melktert, South Africa


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Unlike the Portuguese egg custard tart and the Chinese egg tart, the Melktert, or milk tart, has a much lighter texture focusing more on the flavor of the milk. So be sure to use a great quality milk product for this simple recipe should you wish to make it at home. It is the most known dessert of the Afrikaan desserts, famous for its super moist center – this will not get harder, just a melting, mouth-watering experience.

Apfelstrudel, Austria


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This dessert dates as far back as 1697, where it was known to have been created by the Austrian and not by the Germans. Its name translates to Whirlpool, due to the swirl of the pastry and the apple slices visible when you cut the strudel. The original recipe lies warmly, in its home at the Viennese Town Hall. The dessert is well known for being the patriotic dessert of the country and could be described as being similar to the Turkish Baklava.

Pastel De Nata, Portugal


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This traditional Portuguese cinnamon egg tart is popular all over Portugal, West Europe, and parts of Asia would you believe. These little delights are best enjoyed, whenever one fancies! Nata literally means cream pastries, the same form as the Spanish for their, as an example, pannacotta with only one extra “n”, and Pastel literally is the Portuguese for pastry. Now part of the national dessert popular all over and well respected and loved by all ages.

Rabri, India


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Rabri is a sweet, condensed milk-based dessert originating from the Indian subcontinent, made by boiling the milk for a very long period of time until it becomes dense and changes its color to off-white. Usually, pistachios, spices, and a bi-product of cane sugar, jaggery, are added for extra flavor and color as a last-minute thing. This is a perfect dessert to cleanse the palate after so many flavors ready for the next culinary adventure, or indeed tea. It originates from Varanasi and was created by Mathura.

Pavlova, New Zeland


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We must thank the Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova for her ability to be such an impressive, and the best of her time, prime ballerina, having toured both Australia and New Zealand in 1926. The chef of the hotel, at the Wellington, is said to have created this concoction for her, as he was inspired by her cloud-like performances, her fruitful personality, and the soft energy she emitted while performing creating this emblematic dessert. One can believe he was totally seduced by her charisma.

Anmitsu, Japan


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This is a dessert that dates as far back as the Meiji era in Japan. It is made of small cubes of agar jelly, natural and red algae, acting as a natural thickener agent once dissolved in water. The dish is mainly associated with summertime as it is full of season fruits reflecting what is best in and around the country. It is often served with green tea ice cream, red bean paste, and drizzled with kuromitsu, the Japanese sugar syrup known as the black honey.

Kurtos Kalacs, Hungary


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The chimney cakes originate from medieval times. The delicate pastry shells are made from sweet yeast dough that is rolled in granulated sugar and bathed in butter prior to being sent on the spit-roasted charcoals. You might have seen and sampled them with powdered cinnamon, some ice cream on the side, or with a good dollop of freshly whipped cream. These are always served fresh and are to be consumed on the day itself for better mouthfeel results. It was once the festive treat of the super-rich, but now the festive treats of anyone that fancies a bite of this delicious roll!

Dulce De Leche, Argentina


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Apparently created as an accident, we must thank the maid for having forgotten the milk and sugar mixture on the stove while preparing other desserts for the general. There you have it. Roughly the recipe for dulce de leche. Perhaps we should forget things on the stove more often! Some might argue that it was invented in Indonesia in the 16th century after the Spanish concerned them. Wherever this may have been invented, it is something no short of a delight served with an egg custard tart as an example. Chances are, the legends could have all discovered the dulce de leche, as nothing was recorded back in the days.

Tiramisu, Italy


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One of the most obvious parts of this top 10 but one that truly deserves to be here with us. The Tiramisu is the ultimate Italian treat with everything Italian within it! Coffee, liquor, mascarpone, and the list goes on. It offers what is home to some of the best products available in the country. What most would not believe, is how young this creation is, and hope it was able to hold such importance to the way we eat desserts. In the 1960s would you believe, in Veneto, created within the restaurant “La Beccherie”.

Cheesecake, USA


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The better-known version was that this decadent dessert was created by Arnold Reuben, owner of Reuben’s restaurant and delicatessen in New York, however, the Greeks are not having it! It is said to have been created in the fifth century BC. named plakous or flat mass. Then, right in Medieval times, the European added a pastry base and then came along the Americans. As for most culinary creations in the world, each country will have its say! At the end, who does not like cheesecake?

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