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Top 10 Mental Health Hacks When Traveling

Many people feel as if they need to get out there and expand their horizons. However, in this break from ‘real-life’, mental health can easily be neglected. So, ahead of your next traveling adventure, continue reading to learn the top ten mental health hacks which will ensure you make the most out of every moment.


1.   Give Yourself Space

If you are visiting a country for the first time, it can be tempting to pack in as much as you possible can, but this can quickly become intensely emotionally draining. Instead, make sure you have at least one day’s rest and relaxation between two more hectic and busy days.

2.   Consider Therapy

The absolute beauty of therapy and the connectivity of the internet, is that if you feel as if you need to speak to a professional whilst you are traveling, you can access cheap therapy wherever you are in the world. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection.

3.   Take Photos from Home

Even though you may well be planning the trip of a lifetime, it would still be entirely understandable if you felt homesick at some point. Carrying photographs of your loved ones along for the journey will make you feel close to them, however many miles you are.

4.   Arrive Early for Everything

It is important to allow plenty of time between appointments and ticket times to ensure you do not become overly stressed. Stress is somewhat of a silent killer when it comes to your mood levels, so arriving early will at least eliminate this particular trigger.

5.   Do Your Research

Research is just as important to the traveler as spontaneity. Moreover, if you resist the advice to plan ahead, you may well go all that way and fly back again before you realized there was somewhere you really wanted to see.

6.   Join a Travel Blog

You should look into joining an online community as a way of not feeling so isolated (unless, of course, you prefer it that way) before you leave on your trip. This way you will be in contact with a diverse group of people who share your love of all things travel-related.

7.   Make Sensible Decisions

Obviously, when travelling you will not be staying in your hotel room or hostel on the beach without ever leaving it. However, it is important to keep your wits about you, particularly if you are travelling alone. If you feel nervous in an area, leave immediately and find somewhere more public. If you feel you are being pressured into something, run away. Try to keep an eye on how much alcohol you are drinking and take precautions over your food and drink.  

8.   Pack a Mini Pamper Hamper

You will be unable to take all your daily toiletries, but a small waterproof bag can house the most important items. On the subject of toiletries, you should make sure you are moisturizing your face more regularly than usual, as your skin is likely to react to the new climate.

9.   Get Enough Sleep

For the first few nights you may struggle to sleep. However, you will need sleep to enjoy your travels, so take it easy at the start of your trip and prioritize getting a good night’s rest.  

10. Keep a Journal

To help you enjoy every second of your trip, keep a journal. When you have got time, take a moment to collect your thoughts – it will be a great keepsake.

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