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Top 10 Unusual Animal Friendships

Life in nature is literally a war of all against all and it’s (in general) nasty brutal. Competition between animals drives evolution, and will never be removed from life. But we have some proves that it doesn’t have to be always that way.

These pictures show us that animals are/can be sociable (at least with their own kind) and sometimes, against all the laws of nature, love can be born between different species.

Here’s an adorable look at the most unusual animal friendships. Inseparable interspecies pals, surprising bonds between predator and prey that will leave you wondering, “Why can’t we all just get along?”

Into The Wild: A Wild Cat And A Fox



Both animals are wild animals but still, it doesn’t mean a pairing friendship. This is rather uncommon. And within the picture, it almost feels as if they are both wondering why we are so amazed by their friendship as it seems ever so natural to them. They seem to show zero sign of aggression and on the contrary, only signs of going along with their daily business together looking for another adventure and perhaps a third member to their “herd”.

The Savanna: An African Elephant And A Sheep



Elephants are super smart animals and so are the sheep. Both evolved to understand a situation and be rather good judges of characters. The mother of the elephant tragically died falling off a cliff, and the orphaned male was left together when suddenly was rehabilitated. Like most strong friendships in humans, at times, the first meeting doesn’t all go well and usually ends up in a bit of a scruff. And this is exactly what happened. After a twelve-hour dispute became the love friendship whereby the sheep adopted the elephant as her son.

Baby Love: A Sumatran Tiger Make Friends With An Orangutan



One would think that in the world these two are not meant to be best of friends and hang out together. But here these two are not in the wild but are in captivity. Each pair was abandoned by their mother and as most animal species on the planet, to also include us, humans, we seek other ways to make a home, and a family. They are now inseparable playmates.

Happy Three Friends: A Lion, A Tiger, and A Bear



Here we find some of the most ferocious animals in the kingdom. And it all appears as if they have forgotten this fact, put their differences aside, and thought, why not try to get along. The story is, a drug dealer kept all three animals in personal captivity in his very home, which is disgusting by any account and frankly the most absurd thing we have ever heard and seen. They now live on a three-hectare land, but the three are always stuck together as they cannot get enough of their compassion, love, and attention.

Meet Two Best Friends: Sobe (Iguana) And Johann (Cat)



Both animals were never really meant to be together but one day thought to venture and see what the fuss was all about towards one another. Iguanas can be lethal to cats and dogs, but also vice versa. However, there is no sign of violence here. The only way the iguana could hurt the cat would be with a whack of his tail across the cat’s face, but on the contrary, the pair became so fond of one another, that they naturally became playmates for life.

Little Family: A Pit-bull, A Siamese Cat And Bunch Of Chicks



We are sure you have seen Tom and Jerry, but only very few episodes feature Tom being friends with Jerry and the bulldog Spike that loathed Tom but liked the famous mouse. Well, we found the real, live examples, only with a bird and not the mousse! Still, really impressive stuff, and how this got to become is mind-boggling to all of us. Humans have learned, and are still learning (unfortunately for some), to get on with others. Here’s an example we could all learn from.

A Macaque Monkey Adopts a Kitten



Love and friendship are something that cannot be described nor understood. The macaque adopted the kitten possibly due to the super cute little cat being left by his mother and became an orphan. The natural motherhood of the macaque meant that she decided to take on that role moving the vulnerability of the kitten. For its safety, she took him on board part of the family. Incredible how much these animals thought to be so family orientated.

Fum – The House Cat And His Best Friend Gebra – The Barn Owl



Believe us this is not fake! These things do really happen and so much more than one thinks. The love between two living beings cannot be described nor understood. No one has to justify friendship. How these two animals came to be is totally unknown, and frankly remarkable. It’s nature’s way to show us that no matter the differences, everything is possible.

A Sincere Hug: A Warthog Pals With Two Baboons



When animals are taken away from their parents, they form alliances wherever they can find them. And sometimes nature chooses this for them. So, infant animals become orphans, and then if they are lucky enough, survive and wait for being rehabilitated within a compound. There, they meet different species in the boat as they are with the same sorry story. They are alone. Once rehabilitated, they are somewhat forced, but indirectly to spend a lot of time with others, creating friendships they never dreamt of. Could this almost created new, natural genetics for future breeds? Interesting thought.

Bubbles, A 32-Year-Old African Elephant And His Best Friend, Bella, A 3-Year-Old Labrador



Bubbles and Bella. Who would have ever thought? One of the most extreme friendships ever seen in the animal kingdom. Especially with such a size difference! Not only do the two, incredibly different animals show love and respect, but they also show a massive amount of playfulness adding to the complexity of the very special relationship. They are the David and Goliath of today. Magnificent to see such random love between them both.

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