Top 10 Vegetarian Christmas Dinner Ideas

Christmas is simply, the most celebrated holiday of all, and for many of us, the most wonderful too. On this day everyone likes to be with their loved ones, friends and family, and enjoy in a perfect Christmas Eve, that means to have a perfect dinner table. So, some of us have a different style of eating and their own diet. We are full of traditional recipes for Christmas everywhere on the internet or on TV, and we have something unordinary here, a different kinds of ideas, vegetarian Christmas dinner recipes. We have made a splendid list of top 10 best vegetarian dinner ideas for this Holiday, that are tasty enough for everybody, not only for the vegetarians. They are easy to cook in your own kitchen, so come on, get creative and make this year’s Christmas little different for everyone around you!

   Brussels Sprouts

vegetarian-christmas-dinner-ideas_01Recipe via

Braised Leeks

vegetarian-christmas-dinner-ideas_02Recipe via

Savory Pumpkin Galette

vegetarian-christmas-dinner-ideas_03Recipe via

Roasted Vegetable Pesto Tart

vegetarian-christmas-dinner-ideas_04Recipe via

Crustless Spinach and Mushroom Pie

vegetarian-christmas-dinner-ideas_05Recipe via

Glazed Vegetables

vegetarian-christmas-dinner-ideas_06Recipe via

Halloumi Filling

vegetarian-christmas-dinner-ideas_07Recipe via

Tamales with Cheese and Jalapeño Filling

vegetarian-christmas-dinner-ideas_08Recipe via

Vegetarian Lasagne

vegetarian-christmas-dinner-ideas_09Recipe via

Vegetarian Black Bean Chili

vegetarian-christmas-dinner-ideas_10Recipe via

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