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Top 10 Most Beautiful Villages in England You Must See

England is the home to many beautiful villages – some of which are considered to be not only in England but also in the whole world. We are always talking about the vibrant city life, we often tend to forget how amazing the countryside can be and this country proves to us exactly that.

These ten villages offer something definitely worth seeing – cobblestone streets, stone cottages, medieval squares, castles, and churches, all of these being surrounded by forests and, in some cases, even the sea. Not only will you get to taste the local cuisine and the breathtaking architecture, but you will also be stunned by the view you’ll get!

1. Bibury



Bibury is considered to be the most beautiful village in England but one of the most beautiful villages in the world. It is located in Gloucestershire, in the Cotswold District. What makes this village that special is the famous architectural conservation area known as Arlington Row. Here you will find seventeenth-century stone cottages with steeply pitched roofs surrounded by so much greenery!

2. Castle Combe



Located in Wiltshire, the village of Castle Combe has two parts – one on the narrow valley of By Brook, and the second is on the east, on a road that links Chippenham with Chipping Sodbury. The whole village is filled with stone cottages, and you will feel like you went back to the medieval ages – you will find a 14th-century market cross, the 13th-century church St. Andrew and a picturesque bridge looking up on Water Street.

3. Lamberhurst




Lamberhurst lies in the valley of River Teise and is home to the Scotney Castle, which is considered one of the most romantic castles in England. The Scotney Castle is surrounded by a moat, and from here, you can visit the 18th garden known as Sprivers Horsmonden. It makes the village of Lamberhurst oh-so-romantic!

4. Clovelly



Surrounded by dense woodlands and the sea, Clovelly is known for its narrow, cobbled street, which is also the main street in the village and leads to the harbor and Bideford Bay. All of the houses are painted white, and many have colorful window boxes. What you’ll find here that you won’t see in any other English village is that in Clovelly, there are donkeys that carry goods!

5. Mousehole



Mousehole is a tiny fishing village located in West Cornwall. The village is famous for its narrow streets filled with shops, galleries, and restaurants. Here the cottages huddle together around the harbor’s inner edge, and they’re giving away some old-world charm that will make you want to stay here and enjoy the beauty of the fishing village.

6. Rye



A real medieval gem, Rye is located in Sussex and has a serious charm that you won’t resist. Cobbled streets, narrow passages, and white-colored cottages with flowers and greenery at the front door are what make this village wonderful. You will find art galleries, tearooms, pubs, antiques, book stores, and artisan goods, and make sure to visit Mermaid Street, famous for its ancient buildings.

7. Hawkshead



Hawkshead is located in Cumbria, and this tiny, ancient village has many tearooms, gift guest houses, so medieval and charming! Over the medieval years, the village grew as an important market place and thanks to that today, there are buildings in Hawkshead dating from the 17th century. Cars are not allowed in this village, but there are parking lots in the outskirts.

8. Bourton on the Water



Bourton-om the-Water is considered one of the most beautiful English villages. There’s a reason for that – the village has plenty of greenery, and the River Windrush runs through, giving the village an irresistible charm. No matter when you are planning to visit the Bourton-on-the-Water, be assured that you’re visiting one of the most picturesque villages in the world!

9. Cockington



Located in Devon’s English county, the village of Cockington has a water mill, a forge, and a cricket pitch that back in medieval times used to be a deer park. There is also the Cockington Court that holds a rich event program, such as art and craft exhibitions, and there are also glassblowers and blacksmiths in action. Famous writer Agatha Christie used to often come to the Cockington Court and perform in plays.

10. Corfe Castle



This tiny village offers tranquility and an amazing view – Corfe Castle is the home to a same called castle, or precisely to the remaining ruins of what used to be a royal castle in the medieval ages. It is situated on a natural hill guarding the principal route through the Purbeck Hills. There is also a medieval church that was dedicated to the murdered Kind Edwards. You can also find shops and pubs!

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  1. Beautiful photographs of very scenic English towns. Some of which we hope to visit over the next few tears. In reading about St. Michael Mont I was pleased to learn that you can get there by ferry, and noted cost. As a suggestion to whomever submits the information it would be helpful to me, or other readers, where these towns are located so we coulds map out and itinerary. Looking forward to a visit next year, a returning Brit originally from Ramsgate, Kent. Many thanks for the sites.


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