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Top 10 Creative Wall Art Ideas To Decorate Your Space

If you’re planning on redecorating your home, and you’re out of ideas on how to make it look more interesting and cool, here you will find some great DIY wall art projects for your space.

There are so many different ways to make beautiful art for the walls of your home or office, but we narrowed it down to our top 10 favorite ideas. With these 10 ideas, you will spend a minimal amount of money and effort, so it’s worth the try to enjoy.

1. Washi Tape Dot Wall Art



For those who just love dots, this wall decoration is a great idea. It’s also very easy to make; you will just need washi Tape, scissors, and non-stick baking paper. Begin with cutting off some baking paper and then take your washi tape and start sticking strips from top to bottom, overlapping slightly. Once you’ve got enough tape down, turn the paper over and trace around your object. When you’re ready to stick it onto your wall, carefully peel off the baking paper, and stick away!

2. Rosette Backdrop



This is a great idea for wall decoration and at the same time a creative backdrop for your pictures.  Made from rosettes, it’s basically like making a whole bunch of paper fans, stapling them together, and attaching them to the wall. You will need colorful paper, a stapler, staples, and tape for this easy DIY project.  You can use whatever color you want, and you can mix colors together to make it look even better.

3. Circle Punch Wall Art



Here’s another wall decoration with dots, and it’s as easy to make as the previous one. For this DIY project, you can choose the materials yourself, whether it will be a newspaper or, in the pictures, the IKEA Ribba frames. It’s up to you how big you’re going to make them or what color and design the circles would be.  After you’ve  finished cutting the circles, put them in a frame and decorate one of the empty walls of your home or office. It will look great and very different.

4. Newspaper Quotes On Canvas



If you have some old newspaper somewhere around your house, some spare time, and the will to make your home look better, this is the perfect DIY project for you. Besides the newspapers, you will need paint, preferably white, vinyl letters and a canvas. Glue your “best pieces” where you plan on placing your letters.  What you put everywhere else really doesn’t matter because you’ll be painting over it. After the painting is over, remove the letters, and you will get a creative picture with almost no effort and money used.

5. Shoebox Wall Art



Don’t throw away all those old shoeboxes that have been lying around your house without any purpose; here’s a better idea.  You will give your shoeboxes a new life by turning them into wall art, map picture frames, and colorful shelves, and that way, your walls will look great too, without much effort. You will need fabrics and studs and a bit of spare time. After you finish your new frames, shelves, or just decorations, hang them on a wall and enjoy! They are very lightweight, so all you need is a couple of push pins to hang each one.

6. Quilled Monogram



This Quilling monogram takes patience and some time, but the skill needed is pretty minimal. The supplies you will need for this amazing wall decoration are a frame, colored paper, craft knife, mod podge scrapbook paper backing, and a medium painter’s brush. It’s important to be completely accurate and really patient. Keep checking as you go to make sure you’re getting the turns right, but don’t glue until you finish a whole strip of paper. Once you get the look you want, mount it on a piece of scrapbook paper and mat with strips of paper, if desired. Pop into the frame without the glass and hang.

7. the Framed States



Although the picture shows some of the States framed, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the United States when you do this project for your home. You can print the country or countries you want, or maybe all the countries you visited, and then cut and put them into a frame. As simple as that! You’ll get a wonderful decoration for your home, and no one will ever tell that it took you just a few minutes and no money to do it. Definitely, something you should try out.

8. Sunburst Mirror



If you want to decorate your space and you have that boring mirror you don’t want to throw away, here is an awesome idea for you. Have you considered decorating it with some bamboo sticks? It will look great in the living room, and it’s not that hard to make. It’s going to cost you no money, maybe just a couple of bucks for the bamboo sticks, but it’s totally worth it.

9. Book Page Wall



Book pages make this DIY wall art, but if you don’t want to destroy your books, even if they are too old to be read ever again, you can just copy the pages and get this great design for the walls of your bedroom, living room or home office. It’s easy, and it looks so unique; find some spare time and decorate your walls.

10. Honeycomb Wall



This last one is going to be a real challenge. Yes, it’s a bit harder, and it takes more time to make it, compared to the other projects, but this honeycomb wall art is something that will make your room look great and very unique and fun. There’s going to be a lot of cutting, painting, and crafting wood, but the final result will pay off the hard work. Once your hexagon is ready, use your nail gun to secure the wood to your wall. Then paint the wall with the colors you think would fit the best. The great idea is to make an “ombre” style for your walls.

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