Top 10 Fantastic Ways to Make Marbled Paper

TOP 10 Fantastic Ways to Make Marbled Paper | Top Inspired

There is something about marbled surfaces that looks so chic—no wonder the marbling trend is huge lately. DIY-ers are getting crazy marbling everything they can think of. If you want to try marbling but are still skeptical, we encourage you to look at these fantastic tutorials for making marbled paper. This is a great way … Read more

Top 10 Fantastic Garlic Recipes

Garlic, whether pickled or pureed, baked or boiled, is the cornerstone of cuisines all over the world, featuring in almost every meal. Countless recipes begin by sautéing a little garlic because the cloves of this edible bulb are so very flavorful. Depending on how you cook it, garlic can be mild and sweet or assertive … Read more