Top 10 Cool DIY Teen Room Decor

TOP 10 Cool DIY Teen Room Decor | Top Inspired

If you are reading this post, then you probably have a teenager that constantly brags about needing something new in his/her bedroom. But no worries, you can easily spice things up in your teen’s room by adding some fun decorations you can make on your own, without spending tons of money. Whether it is wall … Read more

TOP 10 Patterns for Adorable Little Girls’ Dresses

TOP 10 Patterns for Adorable Little Girls' Dresses | Top Inspired

It is spring, so it is time for dresses, those cute and lovely little girl’s dresses. In vivid colors, with fun designs and floral decorations… Don’t you love your little ladies in their cute dresses with matching bags or headbands? It is true; we are all crazy about fashion, pretty dresses, and little girls. In … Read more

Top 10 Cool Sewing Patterns For Kids Clothes

Kids grow up so fast. Often, it seems like they outgrow a new piece of clothing every day. How parents dress their children is very important today, much more than it used to be in the past. Besides, children themselves develop a taste for fashion from a young age, so it might seem difficult to … Read more

Top 10 Darling DIY Onesies

Top 10 Darling DIY Onesies | Top Inspired

Childbirth is a turning point in the parents’ life in many ways. They get completely new responsibilities around the baby, and the whole family begins to function and look completely different from before. However, in addition to caring for the youngest member of the family, this exciting period can also be an inspiration for parents … Read more

Top 10 Most Beautiful Portraits Of Blue Eyed People

We must all admit that when we see a person with blue eyes we immediately find ourselves more attracted to him or her. Blue is such a vivid color that people who have that type of colored eyes look very youthful, charming, and adorable. That is why blue is the most popular color when it … Read more

Top 10 Adorable DIY Crochet Kids’ Hats

Top 10 Adorable DIY Crochet Kids' Hats | Top Inspired

All parents have faced the difficulty of making their kids keep that woolen, crocheted hat on when they play outside during the winter season. They often complain that it itches or that they don’t need it, but we all know that the main reason is that they don’t like it. To solve that problem, there … Read more

Top 10 Adorable DIY Baby Costumes

Top 10 Adorable DIY Baby Costumes | Top Inspired

Halloween is just around the corner and for the new moms and dads this is probably the first Halloween with the newborn child. Every moment spent with your baby is precious, unique and very fleeting. This is the only time when you can truly enjoy your child’s company, before his or hers personality starts to … Read more