When it comes to European capitals most of the people think of Paris, London and Rome as an ultimate destination. Berlin, the German capital is probably not the first one on the wish list. It is indeed utterly different.

We have collected 10 sights and activities that make this city just as attractive as its competitors. Often referred to as ‘organized chaos’, Berlin has a unique vibe and makes you feel like you belong there even after a few hours. It has much to offer from green parks and lakes, interesting historical sights to bohemian nightlife scenes. The Berlin wall separated West from East for nearly thirty years therefore the difference between the two parts are still noticeable especially in the architecture.

The city has two of everything: opera house, main train stations, TV tower and even zoo. You do not have to worry about the language barriers, English is the most common language used in the city.

1. Explore Berlin by bike

Top 10 Things to do in Berlin

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Rent a bike, hop on and pedal around the city. This is the best way to see how different each district is. And good news is that there are no hills, it will be an easy ride. Pack some sandwiches and have your lunch in a park or stop by a ‘Biergarten’ along the way when you get tired.

2. Visit the Museum Island

Top 10 Things to do in Berlin

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There are five museums on this little island on the river Spree. All of them are worth visiting and with a combined ticket you can easily spend a whole day wandering around the ancient Egyptian treasures and the German heritage.

3. Check-out the nightlife in Kreuzberg

Top 10 Things to do in Berlin

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Berlin turns into one huge open air club during the night. The main party area is Kreuzberg where you can find the coolest bars and clubs. Here it is really true that the party never stops. Some of them start at Friday evening and finishes Sunday evening.

4. Shop at the flea market

Top 10 Things to do in Berlin

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If you want to buy the coolest retro souvenir or you are in search for vintage clothes, do not miss it out. There are several markets around the town but the largest and best of all is the one in Mauerpark. On Sundays there is even a karaoke if you are up for the fun.

5. Grab a ‘Currywurst’

Top 10 Things to do in Berlin

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Germany is famous for its sausages or ‘wurst’ in German. It is definitely not a typical healthy dish with Pommes on the side but it is a must try.

6. Visit the lakes and have a boat ride

Top 10 Things to do in Berlin

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Berlin is the greenest capital in Europe and has many wonderful lakes. You can jump on the public transport in the city center, travel for twenty minutes and you will find yourself in pristine beauty. Put your bikinis on and have a swim during summer months.

7.  Check out the galleries in Mitte

Top 10 Things to do in Berlin

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The former East Berlin city center, Mitte has a great variety of contemporary art galleries. Have a walk around August strasse (street) and its neighborhood and stop by one of the many lovely cafes in the area.

8. Shopping on Ku’damm

Top 10 Things to do in Berlin

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Have a stroll on the charming avenue of the former West Berlin, Kurfürstendamm or Ku’damm as the locals call it. All the leading brands of the world are represented here.

9.  Visit the East Side Gallery

Top 10 Things to do in Berlin

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This is the largest open air gallery in Europe. The 1.5km long remaining part of the Berliner wall decorated with street art has a message related to the war, freedom and politics.

10. Have a picnic at Tempelhof Airport

Top 10 Things to do in Berlin

Where else on the world do you have the chance to lay on the lawn of the airport or try kite land-boarding on the airstrip? This is also Berlin. Free, crazy and different. Don’t worry, there won’t be any airplanes as the airport is not operating since 2008.