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10 Best Couple Influencers On Instagram


Love is a difficult emotion to express. Only a fraction of people are capable of doing so openly. As a result, they have the most popular Instagram accounts as a reward.

Their accounts are all about #couplegoals on Instagram. It’s a place where they can share their favorite images and express their affection for one another.

Let’s meet the most popular Instagram couple influencers that dazzle with their beautiful images and demonstrate that there is nothing more comforting in the world than a loving pair smiling at one another with love.

1. Steph And Katie Burlton

Steph and Katie’s Instagram account @lezseetheworld has over 82k followers and 1200 posts.

Steph and Katie Burlton are a married lesbian pair from Vancouver, Canada, having a lifestyle and travel influencer Instagram account.

Following their marriage in 2015, the two decided to travel together across Canada and the United States, the United Kingdom, Western Europe, Asia, Central, and South America, and Australia.

Their blog also acts as a forum with posts on sexual wellness, advocacy, business, and other issues. So, their account is a must-follow if you want to learn about strong people leading in life.

2.   Maude And Jordan

Maude and Jordan are another couple from Montreal, Canada. You can follow them at Maude’s account @Ilesdeux where they have over 58k followers.

Maude and Jordan give us insight into what it is like to be in love and live a lifestyle. The pair’s genuine portrayal of their beautifully decorated abode and worldwide travels on Instagram makes them an ideal couple to follow for home decor inspiration and travel daydreaming. The pair keeps it genuine on Instagram, from showing off their beautifully decorated abode to taking us along on their travels worldwide.

Moreover, they are a trendy and fashionable couple. The stunning flowy dresses on Maude and Jordan’s t-shirts and denim combo are winning hearts on the Internet.

3.   Katerina And Yinon

Katerina and Yinon are a couple based in Miami, Florida, USA. Their Instagram account @katerinandyinon has 557k followers on Instagram and posts some awe-some moments from their life.

Recently, they became parents to a beautiful baby girl Neriah. So, you get cute baby photos and videos as a bonus.

They met in a salad line in New York a few years ago by chance. They started conversing freely with each other. In no time, they were a couple. Since then, they have traveled the world together.

They’ve shared stories from Australia, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, the Pacific Islands, and North America. We’re confident their mushy photographs will leave you speechless.

4.   Katie Ritzi and Xavier

Katie Ritzi and Xavier are digital content creators, fashion and lifestyle influencers, and travel influencers based in Los Angeles. They share their adventures on @xkflyaway which has over 220k followers.

Even when they lived in different countries, Katie and Xavier Ritzi never allowed location to get into their relationship.

After one unsuccessful long-distance relationship and several moves, the couple learned they bonded over a great passion for travel and one another.

As a result, they sold their home and embarked on a year-long globe tour. Fortunately, they recorded their entire adventure for us to enjoy. You will become a fan after seeing their love-filled artistic images.

5.   Kelly And Kody

The photographer couple Kelly and Kody have a verified account on Instagram @positravelty with more than 200k followers. The couple documents their traveling experiences for the followers.

In addition to that, they also share some healthy food recipes. You can find them in reels, highlights, or even in the cookbook by the couple.

Kelly gave up her job to travel alone and met Kody along the way. Then, Kelly partnered up with Kody, and the two have gone to 31 countries together.

These include the Philippines, Bali, Nepal, Hungary, Austria, and others. You can find highlights of the same on their profile. So, go check out this beautiful couple now.

6.   Kristy And Desmond

Kristy and Desmond are famous American influencers with a large fan following on Youtube and TikTok. Similarly, Krisy’s Instagram account @kristy.sarah has over 2 million followers.

They regularly post Desmond’s swoon-worthy cuisine and Kristy’s pranks on their account. Their spell-bounding personality and appealing content are something you cannot miss.

Kristy and Desmond have been dating since they were in high school. They have been together since 2010. The couple is still going strong, evident from their Instagram. 

Now, they are parents to two lovely boys. Thus, the entire family gives us ideal relationship goals.

7.   Allie And Sam

The travel couple Allie and Sam are on Instagram with username @allieandsam. The couple has over 260k followers on Instagram.

Allie and Sam are a lesbian married couple who live in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They are full-time content developers with a focus on luxury travel and lifestyle.

They aim to normalize all forms of love and inspire individuals to tour the world. Allie and Sam keep it real on Instagram.

They have openly talked about their miscarriage, IVF, and fertility treatment to raise awareness on the topics. The couple is now expecting twins. So, if you want to see the world through their eyes, follow them right away.

8.   Cam And Natasha

The travel couple blogger Cam and Natasha from @theworldpursuit have a verified Instagram account with over 100k followers. The couple has traveled to more than 85 countries by now.

They met at a party through their mutual friend, where Natasha invited Cameron to her Europe trip. Cameron wanted to travel Europe too. So he sent a ticket to Norway to Natasha to meet her there.

Once they met in Norway, they traveled throughout Europe together and developed feelings for each other. And the journey continues.

The couple documents their adventures in Europe, North America, Australia, Asia, Africa, Australia, and South American countries in detail so that followers know better when they travel to these continents.

You can find multiple reels and highlights on their profile for the same.

9.   Miranda And Ryan

The @acrobuddhas account couple Miranda and Ryan are acro, yoga, and fitness teachers in Toronto, Canada.

This duo brings their passions for yoga and teaching together to develop workshops and online content for aspiring acro yogis.

They’ve worked with music festivals and events for fascinating shows to promote ticket sales.

They also work with sponsors such as Couples Resorts in Jamaica to produce romantic, travel-related material for their 84k followers.

10. Claudia And Kaan

The luxury travel and lifestyle content creators on Instagram with the username @thelosttwo are goals. They are from Toronto, Canada, and have over 333k followers on Instagram worldwide.

Their love story started on Twitter in 2010. They would occasionally retweet each other’s tweets or chat on Facebook until one day when both Kaan and Claudia were in the same town.

They met for dinner and sparks flew. They developed feelings for each other over time and started their relationship. In 2017, Kaan proposed to Claudia in Turkey. Eventually, the couple got married in 2019. 

You can follow them for some amazing travel recommendations and tips.


Here are ten American and Canadian couples who are so in love that it makes them look stunning and motivational! Do you want to become a couple influencer too, but hardly have any engagement. You can learn more about this easily.

So, pick your favorite couples from our list of Instagram profiles and use them as a model for your own relationship.   Till then, love each other and explore the unexplored with your partner.

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