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10 Tips For Playing Scrabble

Scrabble is a fun word game that holds power to generate inquisitiveness and curiosity in a child. It enhances the vocabulary of the kid.

But, Scrabble can also be challenging and brutal at times. It improves the grammar of any person who plays the game.

Today, we will tell you what tips and tricks you can use to become a pro at the game. If you haven’t already played the game yet, you should follow this article!

What is Scrabble?


Scrabble is a fun word game and is loved by many people around the world. It is an excellent game for any kid and an adult who wishes to improve their grammar.

Each player is given some selected tiles with letters engraved onto them, and then they are laid out to form words in crossword or a grid pattern.

Scrabble is not easy as it may look on the outside. This game requires utmost attention, concentration, and patience. Once you play it, you’ll be addicted!

One may think that this board game doesn’t require any braininess or planning. However, this is not the case.

Once you play this board game sometimes, you will start to understand that this game requires intensive alertness and planning. You’ll have to assort words and more.

Hence, here we present you with a list of ten tips or tricks that you can try to ace this board game and become a pro at it!

Ten Tips for Scrabble

1.     Remember to Use Both Prefixes and Suffixes

Adding -ing, -er, or -ed is bound to help the players to form new words and, in turn, earn more points. This is the easiest way to create more words.

It would be best if you kept these stipulated letters on the right side of the Scrabble rack. This will help you manifest and visualize words that can be further formed.

2.     Learn to Use the Two- And the Three- Letter Words Efficiently

The most straightforward words are the basis of a good Scrabble score. Many times, when the letter options are limited, then short words help a lot to garner points.

Also, many times, short words help to boost a player’s points. This is done by forming words on both sides at once.

If this tip is taken seriously and implemented effectively, it can add about fifty points to the aggregate score when the game ends.

3.     Do Not Forget About Bingos

In the context of a game of Scrabble, bingo means that all seven tiles on the rack displaying different letters have been used at once.

This makes a huge difference in the scores of a player. Bingos help the player to gain a whopping 50-point bonus. This makes the difference between winning and losing.

4.     Utilize the Letter S and the Blank Tiles Efficiently

There is a limited number of letters S in the Scrabble board game. Hence, make sure that you use the S tile only when you are going to earn eight-ten points.

The blank tiles can be placed as a substitute for any letter, although they don’t add to the points. They are used best when trying to form a seven-letter word or so.

The blank tiles shouldn’t be used unless they are helping you to form a word that will give a 25-point boost to your aggregate score.

5.     Stock and Collect the Common Letters for Use

Direct yourself to collect some letter tiles of the letters A, E, I, L, N, O, R, S aa well as T on your Scrabble rack.

These letters are widespread and help to form several words. These letters can be beneficial for gaining more points and open many possibilities.

6.     Use a Dictionary

You can check out the official dictionary for Hasbro’s Scrabble game. All you have to do is type in the letters to find the related words. This hack is worth it if you’ve just started with Scrabble, and want to become good at it!

7.     Use Hooks Whenever They Are Required

Hook letters often refer to Y, E, R as well as D. These hook letters allow a player to make an existing word look longer. A hook is also a single-letter play.

8.     Practice Hard!

Every player who has ever aced this game is known for their strict practice. Scrabble players have only one method to succeed, by practising hard.

This way, their word language increases and improves for the better. This board game enhanced their word knowledge.

9.     Memorize Words That Contain a Q but Not a U

Q is one of the most significant and imperative parts of the Scrabble game. However, a Q is often followed by a U, and the game contains only four tiles of U.

Hence, try to learn words from Q that do not contain the letter U. You can memorize the terms qaidi, faqir, etc.

10.    Don’t Place a Common Letter Tile on the Middle Square of the Board

The game’s official rules state that the person who has the nearest letter to A should begin with the game. Avoid using the letters S, D, R and T in the beginning.

Final Thoughts

Scrabble is a fun-filled game, and it is full of unusual experiences. Once a person gets attached to the game, it becomes challenging to get rid of it.

We hope that these tips and tricks helped you know more about the Scrabble game. I assure you that you’ll be the winner in the next round!

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