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4 Healthy Recipes You Should Try to Have Enough Energy to Be Productive in Your Business

Having a healthy and well-balanced diet greatly affects our day-to-day performance. Numerous studies have confirmed the connection between having proper meals during the day and our mental health. Researches suggest how the new modern way of life, saturated fats, processed carbs, and sugar are related to over 40% less performance and concentration at work. 

Now, we understand the saying: “ We are what we eat”, as more and more people around the States have filed complaints on how they feel less motivated, have less energy, and are tired all the time, due to their unhealthy eating habits. One major issue, not allowing for a better diet, is the constant rush, as preparing meals can take up to two hours of our day, therefore doctors suggest the best alternatives might be having something to eat on the go, like power shakes and smoothies which became quite popular. 

In the text below, read about some interesting recipes to keep you going during the day. 


5-minute breakfast 

Not everyone takes about half an hour to prepare breakfast, and one to try out is an oatmeal breakfast with a lot of healthy ingredients. The oatmeal breakfast is by far the most nutritious meal you can have during the day providing your body with the necessary nutrients and vitamins.

All you need is a blender, some oatmeal, coconut milk or almond milk, some nuts, chia seeds, and fruits for minerals and vitamins. Add bananas for potassium, strawberries with some lemon juice for the antioxidants and vitamin C boost. The chia seeds and oatmeals are the carbs and fibers, fiber for a better and faster metabolism, and carbs for energy. You may also add two tablespoons of honey for its sugar content and antimicrobial effects. 

You can blend it altogether if you are in a hurry and need somewhere to be, or you can sit down and eat it for under 5 minutes. The meal won’t take up more than 10 minutes of your morning routine, and you can wash it down with some coffee while eating. The meal itself is high in needed nutrients and proper vitamins and practically has everything you need. 

Organic smoothie to go 

Another easy recipe is having an organic smoothie, made from a mixture of different fruits, seeds, and oils to glow you up and give you the needed energy for the day. Smoothies are generally a matter of personal preference and taste, however, not every smoothie you make has the desired effects, therefore we prepared a little recipe for you. 

The organic to-go smoothie for more energy and a better feeling is made of pineapples, bananas, some mango, spinach, berries, turmeric, black pepper, and lucuma powder. The mentioned mixture is high in vitamins, minerals, fibers, and antioxidants as most of the ingredients contain ascorbic acid and are rich in antioxidants. Some other mixtures and smoothie blends you could try are variations of the same recipe, for example, you can add avocados for their natural fat content and hemp seeds and wheatgrass powder. Or you could try adding blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries for a better taste and color. As you might have noticed, bananas are almost on every list due to their high potassium content. 

Potassium is linked to better muscle performance and essentially is within our tissue. Potassium is an electrolyte and triggers various muscle and cell functions. It is also linked to a stronger immune system and better concentration. 

The thing with smoothies is the time of preparation, it does not take more than probably 5 to 10 minutes to make it, and you can carry it wherever you go. It is by far a better alternative than coffee and has a higher nutritional value. 

Butter coffee 

This is a revolutionary new and innovative approach to making coffee. It has been made popular by entrepreneur Dave Asprey and he gave it a little twist as his recipe includes adding MCT oil mix, for better absorption and stronger effect. 

Generally, his coffee is called bulletproof coffee, as opposed to regular butter coffee which is known for hundreds of years around different cultures. The thing is, it gives the body its natural fat intake; fat is the fuel of cells together with sugar, while caffeine acts as a stimulus giving you the extra energy you need to keep going. The recipe is nothing new and well known, what is new are the different variations as people add chocolate and cinnamon for a better taste and flavor.  

One downside, however, is the low nutritious value of the coffee and therefore is not recommended to act as a substitute for normal meals, especially breakfast. 


Egg salad 

Eggs are one of the most nutritious things you can find, and except for vitamin C, doctors say it has everything we need. A classical egg salad has a high protein content, fibers, and minerals from the veggies and fruits added. Add some nuts for the omega acids and fats, and you’ll have a powerful meal for the day. Make it the day before, that way you save time in the morning. 

We hope you’ll find these recipes more than educational and useful, and we sincerely wish you a successful day at work. 

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