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5 Gifts That Bring Good Luck to Send Your Loved Ones


Whether your friends and loved ones are getting married, graduating, taking exams, moving to a new house, or changing jobs, there is no better way to wish them the best wishes than to give them a gift. And it’s even better if you send them a gift that brings good luck in their lives.

Are you looking for a gift that will bring good luck? Well, there are plenty of them you can go for. Some of the best ones include:


Giving candles means wishing the receiving person a good life that never gets dull. Whether you are presenting candles to a new couple, a graduating friend, someone moving to a new house, or starting a new career, candles are a sign that you want their life to be full of light.

When buying candles, make them personal. For example, if giving them as a housewarming gift, ensure that the candles fit into the home style.

If you aren’t sure of the home style, stick to design neutral candles. This way, the candles won’t look out of place.

The scent of the candles is known to improve one’s mood. According to Town & Country Magazine, the smell of candles can trigger the brain receptors to respond with vigor, excitement, or even calm.

Due to this, be cautious of the scent you choose, and always choose a scent that matches the message you want to send. It’s always wise to consult on this, but if you aren’t sure about it, go for unscented candles.


An elephant symbolizes Lord Ganesh, who brings good luck, strength, and harmony to family bonds.

The elephant is also relevant in Feng Shui when used in home décor.

You can bestow an elephant upon anyone, but you need to explain to them how to place it to draw the benefits that come with it. Of course, your intentions of gifting this gift will influence how you place the elephant.

If attending a loved one’s housewarming party, you can give them one or a pair of elephant statues and ask them to place them on the front door facing inwards to draw positivity into their lives.

Due to their strength, elephants are known to be protectors or guardians. If you would love your loved one to protect their home against evil or negative energy, have them place the elephants on the front door facing outwards.

Are you gifting the elephants to a new couple, and you would want them to have a harmonious relationship? Gift them the elephants as a pair. The elephants can be in the form of a statue, paintings, curtains, bed sheets, or even cushion covers.

If you are attending a baby shower or a child’s birthday party, you can gift a mother-and-baby duo of elephants to promote a strong mother-and-child relationship.

To bring positive growth in the career of someone starting a new job, gift them an elephant statue and ask them to place it on the front door of their office or workstation at home.

Do you have a loved one who is going through a hard time? You can gift them a statue or picture of an elephant holding a crystal ball or anything else to wish them a good balance in all aspects of their life.

Whether you are buying statues, pillows, bed covers, paintings, or other elephant showpieces, buy them from a quality store such as Energy Muse.


According to Vastu Shastra, Goldfish brings good luck into the house. Since they look like gold, they add a glow of gold to the receiver and their families.

Place the goldfish in a small aquarium facing east or north of the drawing room to attract luck.

As much as goldfish are excellent good luck gifts, be cautious when giving them out, as you can sometimes appear inconsiderate even when you have good intentions. For example, giving a goldfish to a sick person might not be wise, as the fish requires care, and the ill person might not be capable of caring for the new goldfish in their current condition.

For your loved one to appreciate the gift, ensure they love pets. This is because they might find the goldfish an additional responsibility they aren’t ready for.

 If your loved one doesn’t like live pets or can’t take care of a fish, you can always buy them charms, pendants, or even clothes with goldfish symbols.


As simple as it is, salt is an excellent housewarming gift as it ensures that a house is always full of spice and flavor. It’s also a fantastic gift to give newlyweds as a way to bring good luck, prosperity, fertility, and flavor.

The culture of offering salt as a gift isn’t new; it has been around for a long time, and there is nothing wrong with following the tradition.

The cool thing is that salt is cheap (hence a perfect gift when on a budget), and you don’t run the risk of the receiver not liking it. All you need to do is to order a bottle of salt from your favorite company and then properly pack it.

Some people might not be aware of the significance of the gift, so if you are in a position to explain it to them, do so.

Lucky plants

Do your loved ones love plants and taking care of them? Then you can gift them lucky plants, and there are many of them you can go for. Some popular ones include: bamboo, mangoes, neem, rosemary, thyme, coriander, and others.

As you buy the lucky plant, ensure that your receiver loves it; otherwise, they won’t appreciate the gift or take care of it.

To increase the chances of the plant surviving in the new home, buy a healthy one with vibrant foliage. The last thing you should do is buy a weak plant with a high chance of dying, as it requires a lot of effort to bring it back to life.

It’s also less likely that a dying plant will bring good luck, right? So get a healthy one!

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