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7 Tools to make Streaming Easier, Smarter, and more Enjoyable in UK


The use of streaming services is growing quickly. Due to the obvious rising demand, the battle in the streaming market is getting intense.

If you enjoy streaming and are looking for a platform to watch the content on, you must check out Howtowatchinuk. This website provides a list of every streaming service available in the UK and outside the UK so you can quickly choose one that suits your preferences.

Since there are so many streaming providers today like BBC iPlayer, there is much more entertainment to stream, numerous ways to watch it. There is also an increasing number of tools or add-ons which can improve your viewing experience beyond what is included with services such as Disney Plus, Netflix, or Apple TV Plus.

These built-in capabilities can enhance your favorite streaming services in several helpful ways, from estimating the duration of a binge-watching session to randomly choosing a show to watch. And so, we have highlighted 7 tools that will make streaming effortless for you.

7 tools for smarter, easier streaming

1. JustWatch

If you have a particular show or film in your head that you wish to watch, JustWatch will let you discover which streaming services currently offer it. It makes use of datasets of Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Apple TV Plus YouTube TV, and other providers as you’ll be constantly notified about what is available.

If a film or show you’re hunting for is accessible to purchase or rent electronically, JustWatch will direct you toward the appropriate platforms (Google stores to the web, Apple, or Amazon, for example).

2. Can I Binge?

Considering how lengthy it will take you to follow a new show until completion is important when you start streaming it. You might well be shopping for something that you can complete within a week or an amazing tale that requires months to finish.

Can I Binge? is suitable in this type of scenario: You can time your binge-watching by specifying a series with your free watching time to figure out the number of episodes you’ll have to finish per day, week, or month. For example, you’ll have to sit down and watch two episodes each day if you would like to complete Twin Peaks within a month.

3. Teleparty

Whenever you want to enjoy content together on a streaming platform but aren’t necessarily in the very same geographical place, Teleparty helps a lot. This Microsoft Edge browser or Chrome Browser extension, originally called Netflix Party, will create multiple viewing sessions immediately and synchronize content from various services, like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney Plus, Hulu.

 It also features a chat function that allows you to exchange information with your family and friends. The necessary functions are complimentary, however, if you give the programmers £4.12 a month, you can use emojis in the chat window and participate in live voice chatting to have a more personal experience.

4. IMDb

If you’re a dedicated streamer and need to look up a particular actor’s name and need to verify the theatrical release date of a particular film or show, the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) remains one of the finest online guides.

You can browse IMDb via any phone or laptop, offering you a wide range of information that can help you in making watching choices (category classifications & user ratings), record your watching (the watchlist feature), and study the making-of sections of films and shows episodes.

Irrespective of its title, the website provides information relating to the content of streaming platforms and small screens.

5. Play Something

Play Something, another of Netflix’s newest features, selects a movie or a show for you depending on what you regularly enjoy. Many people currently only have accessibility to it via the Netflix smart TV app (see the menu bar on the left to see whether you do); however, if you don’t, Edge or  Randflix for Chrome can fill the gap by introducing a Random link to every show tab which will play a random episode of that show. A Hulu Random Episode Button is a web extension on Edge and Chrome which operates for Hulu, while the Ceros site can choose Disney Plus films at a whim. Such tools are also accessible for other streaming platforms.

6. Reelgood

Reelgood acts as the central monitoring station for each of the streaming platforms you have committed to. It makes it simple to keep track of what is currently offered on every platform, such as what has just debuted and what’s about to expire, it includes services like Amazon prime video, Netflix, HBO Max, and Hulu.

Reelgood helps you to simultaneously keep a record of the content you’ve seen to date and discover different films and shows to view. For all those times whenever you’re searching for something new, I appreciate the Reelgood Roulette feature, which selects a show or movie that you can view depending on parameters including user ratings and genre.

7) Netflix Codes

This is exclusive to Netflix, but it’s an excellent one: Netflix’s secret genres, which span from interesting films to athletics reports, are all available through Netflix Codes. Users can enter the genre code and the URL “” in the address bar of their web browser.

Offering direct links to the genres thus you won’t exactly have to write extra information, Netflix Codes make it easy to see what’s available, and all these codes may direct you to content that you might not have discovered otherwise, from films featuring kung fu to movie based on kids’ literature everything can be accessed this way.


While Spotify and other subscription services appeal to music lovers across the UK. Every year, Netflix, Prime, and Disney+ add thousands of new customers while improving their content for all consumer-owned private-label releases of episodes and films.

I trust by using the aforementioned tools you can optimize your streaming on your preferred platform for a smooth experience.

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