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Top 10 Best Alcoholic Winter Cocktail Drinks

When we hear the word cocktail, we always imagine a sunny beach day during the summer. Nevertheless, winter makes it a perfect time to get creative with cocktails that are bound to sunny up your mood and day.

It’s important to consider the season and to get the best out of the products available on the market. And plenty is on offer so no excuse. Cocktails have been for many years now something of a trend that had many use intrigued. They are a great way to socialize amongst people with plenty of wow factors within a group small or large, or simply alone watching a good movie and wanting to treat yourself.

A cocktail is like a good bottle of something, it’s tricky to understand exactly what to watch out for or how to marry ingredients. However, a cocktail is like putting a dish together, thinking, what will go well with what. Experiment and have fun with this top 10.

1. Candy Cane


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A cocktail definitely created with plenty of Christmas spirit in mind! Not only does it look great, but it is divinely sweet for those whose sweet tooth conquers them at times. So, instead of digging in a chocolate bar from your drawdown below, make yourself one of these instead. Made from berries, peppermint, chocolate, and plenty of vodka. A recipe created by SKYY Vodka but can be made using ordinary vodka too. Great fun and very entertaining. Garnish with a Christmas sugar cane.

2. White Russian


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White Russian is a classic cocktail hailing from the ’60s. Nothing states that it is indeed a Russian cocktail but then again since we associate vodka with the state, it was a simple reference. Someone added a bit of cream to the classic cocktail, “Black Russin”, rendering it white perhaps to also associate the cold weather months in Russia. Thanks to the movie “The Big Lebowski” from 1998, it had a second revival in the world of mixology. It’s decadent and so, so good. The Kahlua (coffee liquor) combines the drink into amazingness.

3. Ramos Gin Fizz


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The Ramos Gin Fizz gets our vote for being one of both spectrums. Invented by a not big drinker himself, Mr. Henry C. Ramos, a bar owner from New Orleans. Very tricky to get right on one hand but oh goodness, one of the most satisfying drinks you’ll ever sample if done near perfect on the other. Even half perfect one would without a doubt be very pleased! Building this drink up is mainly about know-how and patience. And when you get there, honestly, you will be able to make any cocktails from hereon. Superb for gin lovers and any lovers of a great cocktail. A super twist on the Gin Fizz.

4. Hot Buttered Rum


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When it is literally freezing outside there are very few cocktails on hand more suited than the Hot Buttered Rum cocktail. One can argue that a pumpkin pie will do the trick, but in the cocktail world where everything is so much better than anything else, this cocktail will do the trick just fine! Indeed, made with butter, rum, cinnamon, cloves, and vanilla, it’s a real treat. Simple to make but really fabulous. The idea is that the Rum, butter, and muscovado sugar gets fluffed up with a whisk until really light fluffy.

5. Sandeman Chocolate Passion


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Jason Littrell, the master mixologist of JBird Cocktails in NYC, confectioned a brilliant signature cocktail using Sandeman Founders Reserve Porto naming it smartly enough, the Sandeman Chocolate Passion. This cocktail really is for the whisky lovers enjoying a cocktail alongside a good cigar or maybe with a piece of English Stilton blue cheese. Port wine is understated in the drink world but makes it perfect for creations that are out of the ordinary. It’s also great value for money in every sense of the word.

6. The Sidecar


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Another classic for you, the Sidecar is presumed to have been made in either France or England at around the end of the first world war. It’s a drink named mainly after the motorcycle attachment, which was very common back then. The Ritz in Paris, of course, claims the drink but we really aren’t certain for sure. On this occasion, we have a twist from Eben Freeman, a bartender of Tailor Restaurant in New York City. Triple sec or Cointreau, Cognac, and lemon make this so refreshing.

7. Mulled Pineapple Cocktail


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Mulled wine is lovely. But have you ever thought of a Mulled Pineapple cocktail? It is guaranteed to have a much better cold winter once you sample the heartwarming combination of ingredients. Warms to the core! Unexpectedly tart on one side and sweet on the other thanks to both the Aleppo pepper and ground cinnamon and pineapple. The Brandy mixed with so many spices will awaken your senses. Instead of Rum, Bourbon can work well also. As a presentation caramelize bite-size pineapple pieces for the show off experience. Your guests will be wowed.

8. Winter Sea Breeze Holiday Cocktail


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Winter Sea Breeze Holiday Cocktail. The name alone makes us travel to far and beautiful destinations. If only. Once this cocktail will touch your lips close your eyes and you could well be somewhere else home away from home. Both Malabar spiced liquor and pomegranate give this drink a uniqueness about it and worthy to be classed as a truly great drink. Easy to make and even easier to drink. This will without a doubt get a party started.

9. Woodford Reserve Candy Cane


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Another festive one for us all with again, candy canes. The festive spirit is still among us all so let’s make the most of it! This time aimed at a more mature audience with still an element of fun attached to it. This time made with Woodford Reserve, a very delicate all well-balanced Bourbon. Perfect for a get together alongside a coffee with the smells of a burning fire. Very quaint.

10. Pomegranate Champagne Sparkler


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Champagne, no need to say much more than that! Champagne is perfect on any occasion and not only during the festive period. Some might for breakfast-brunch, for a lunch between friends, during a diner date, or simply when you feel like it. In this instance, ad freshly squeezed pomegranate and muddled fresh raspberries. If too bitter, add a little 15 grams of white caster sugar to the drink. Serve in a long flute, garnish with a raspberry or two. Can be great as an aperitif or with a chocolate dessert.

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