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Who is Charlotte Jane Hinchcliffe? Tony Hinchcliffe Wife Age, Height, Weight, and Net Worth

A well known American stand-up comedian, writer, and podcast host. Born on June 8, 1984 in Youngstown. Hinchcliffe honed his skills by performing in local comedy clubs, showcasing his sharp wit, edgy humor, and quick improvisational abilities. He is known for his unique style of comedy, with a keen focus on current events and pop culture. Tony Hinchcliffe’s razor-sharp delivery and ability to engage audiences with his provocative material have earned him a loyal fan base.

Through his career, Tony Hinchcliffe has appeared in numerous comedy specials, television shows, and podcasts, demonstrating his versatility as a comedian and entertainer. His podcast Kill Tony made him the figure . He has the courage to make the audience go mad about him through his skills and edgy comedy. 

Career in Comedy

Hinchcliffe relocated to Los Angeles in 2007. He started out doing stand-up on the Comedy Store’s open mics there. Hinchcliffe later became a regular at the venue, answering phones and working the cover booth as well. At the Comedy Store, he made a name for himself by making fun of other comics and patrons during his performances and by using caustic humor to touch on touchy subjects. Hinchcliffe supported comedians Jeff Ross and Joe Rogan on tour outside of the venue.

Hinchcliffe’s early writing jobs, together with one at the television collection “Comedy Central Roast,” took place thank you in huge part to Ross’s admiration for the man. Hinchcliffe participated in the Rob Lowe, James Franco, and Justin Bieber roasts for the show.

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Tony Hinchcliffe wife:

Tony Hinchcliffe’s wife, Charlotte Jane is a model and Instagram Influencer. Charlotte Jane, a model and the daughter of the late Australian race car driver Bob Jane, OFtenly known as “Baby Jane”. She is into the merchandising business of clothes. Depop app where she sells dresses and jewelry, the designs are all crafted by ‘Baby Jane’. She has been on the cover page of the Maxim magazine and has done various  Modeling shows. 

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Tony Hinchcliffe and Charlotte Jane relationship

The couple were rumored about marrying each other in 2015.  Well, this rumor comes out as a shock for some of the followers. Though, people had a hint about his personal life, but Tony never confirmed it in public. The beau celebrated their first night in La Jolla. There has been rumors going about the couple that they have ended their 8 years of marriage and are now living separate lives. 

Tony Hinchcliffe Wife Age, Height & Weight

Charlotte Jane was born in November 1992 in Melbourne, Australia, making her an Aussie by birth. As of 2024, she is 32 years old. She holds both Australian and American citizenship. She is of average height, standing 5 feet and 4 inches tall and weighing approximately 50 kilograms. That means she’s neither too tall nor too heavy but rather proportionate to her size.

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Charlotte Jane’s Career & Net worth 

She is also an entrepreneur, using the Depop app to sell accessories, jewellery, and carefully curated clothing items under the alias’ Baby Jane.’ She is a well-established pin-up model and has 29.2K Instagram followers. Her official website teases the upcoming launch of her online store, ‘Baby Jane.’ According to reports, Charlotte’s net worth exceeds $500,000, owing to her success in modeling, entrepreneurship, and social influence.

Tony Hinchcliffe’s Net Worth

Tony Hinchcliffe has earned much money from his comedy work. He’s worth around $10 million and earns about $40,000 annually. He has a variety of ways to make money.

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1. What is Tony Hinchcliffe’s net worth?

Tony Hinchcliffe’s net worth is currently estimated to be $10 million dollars.

2. Where was Tony Hinchcliffe born?

Tony Hinchcliffe was born in Youngstown, Ohio, United States.

3. What is Tony Hinchcliffe’s podcast called?

Tony Hinchcliffe hosts a podcast called “Kill Tony.”

4. Are Tony HInchcliffe and Charlotte still together?

There are rumors that after 8 years of marriage they are separated.

5. Who is Tony Hinchcliffe’s new girlfriend?

Joanna Jedrzejczyk who is a former Polish Martial artist is his new girlfriend. 


Tony Hinchcliffe’s comedy career is closely linked to the support he receives from his wife, Charlotte Jane. She is critical to his job, providing him stability and empathy in an environment of constant attention and stress. Their relationship demonstrates how important having a supportive partner is, particularly for celebrities. We hope you know about Tony Hinchcliffe’s Wife, Charlotte Jane. You can tell us in the comment section for further details concerning her. 

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