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Discover Zakladyboleslawiec’s Signature Polish Pottery Collection



Whether you’re a seasoned ceramic collector or just looking for some unique, functional pieces to elevate your everyday dining experience, there’s a Polish pottery brand that merges tradition, creativity, and craftsmanship seamlessly in each of their creations – Zaklady Ceramiczne “BOLESŁAWIEC”.

Established in the heart of Bolesławiec, Zaklady produces ceramic tableware that is as rich in history as it is in aesthetic appeal. The company retains the title of the oldest ceramics manufacturer in Bolesławiec, a legacy dating back to the dawn of 1946.

Today, they continue their mission of turning raw clay into beautiful pieces of useful art, eventually giving birth to their signature Polish pottery collection.

Craft and Clay: The Zakladyboleslawiec Process

The Zaklady method is unique, blending the meticulous craft of pottery-making with the soul of the local surroundings. The ceramic tableware process employed at Zaklady is a complex and labor-intensive one, preserving the authenticity of hand-shaped and hand-decorated creations.

All authentic Polish pottery pieces begin their journey as natural clay derived mostly from the Bolesławiec area, turning cream-colored after firing.

The body, paints, and glazes used in the creation process are developed emphasizing safety, ensuring no hazardous substances are part of the ingredient list. This results in products that are safe for use, food handling, and even suited for baking in ovens.

Not just that, but they can also stand the test of your dishwasher, making them perfect for modern living.

A Symphony in Ceramics: The Signature Polish Pottery Collection

Beyond its production process, the real magic of Zaklady lies in its design work. The Signature Polish Pottery Collection boasts an array of tableware sets, cutlery, decorative pieces, kitchen items, baking dishes, and coffee and tea sets.

Tableware Sets: Picture dining on dishes that carry the charm of the Polish countryside. Zaklady’s tableware sets feature designs such as flowers, peacocks, and roosters, making your mealtime a special event.



Cutlery: Why stop at stunning dishes? Zaklady’s cutlery brings the beauty of Polish art to your everyday dining. It’s the perfect blend of being practical for eating while looking amazing.



Decorative Pieces: Want to add a special touch to your room? Zaklady’s decorative items showcase beautiful Polish designs. Whether it’s a big piece for your coffee table or a small one for a shelf, each adds character to your home.



Kitchen Items: Bowls, soup tureens, and more by Zaklady combine style with safety. Designed with timeless patterns, they’re not just practical but also make your kitchen look great.



Baking Dishes: Love baking? Zaklady’s baking dishes are a dream come true. Made to withstand hot temperatures, these dishes are robust for the oven and pretty on the table.



Coffee and Tea Sets: Elevate your coffee or tea time with Zaklady’s charming sets. Perfect for a quiet moment alone or to impress guests, these sets mix function and beauty giving your beverages a classy vibe.



But it’s not just the variety of products that sets Zaklady apart – it’s the vibrant character instilled in each piece.

Deriving from different shapes, sizes, and colors, the designs and patterns on each ceramic piece are a sensory feast. Floral motifs, classic Polish pottery patterns, peacock designs, and rooster imprints paint the surfaces of the pottery.

These pieces from Zaklady’s Signature Polish Pottery Collection combine craftsmanship with a flair for art. The result is a collection that adds a sprinkle of Polish tradition to your home.

A Taste of Polish Tradition

Embrace the captivating charm of Polish tradition with Zaklady’s Signature Polish Pottery Collection. It’s more than just practical household items, these ceramics are vignettes of culture, tales of a town, and a testament to a time-old trade.

This collection is a step towards preserving tradition, savoring quality craftsmanship, and adorning our spaces with products that honor history and the environment.

In every stroke of paint and every etching, Zaklady presents a piece of Poland for your home.

Experience the exceptional artistry, deep-rooted history, and the quintessential Polish way of living with Zakladyboleslawiec.

Spruce up your dining space and let the Signature Polish Pottery Collection narrate its story to you and your loved ones, one meal at a time.

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