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Top 20 Fashion Nova Model Names in 2024

It is the most searched and liked fashion brand by millions of people worldwide. The clothes are being liked by content creators, celebrities and social media influencers. With more than 1000 new arrivals every week, they are booming in the fashion industry like an avant garde. Roll up your sleeves because this fashion brand is taking over the most hyped brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc, and will make you feel confident in every piece you wear . Growing and blooming like a flower, starting from Fashion Nova, to FashionNova Curve and now finally FashionNovaMen’s and an upcoming new label as FashionNovaKids. They say ‘Clothes make the man’ , and have built a strong community regardless of shape, size, color and gender. An affordable fashion brand from Fit to Fat. 

Fashion influencers taking over the world with FashionNova:

Founded in 2006, FashionNova has all the rage , starting from Jeans, Hoodies, Shoes, Sunglasses,Jumpsuits, Rompers, Matching Sets, etc. They are strictly against paid collaborations, and have attracted an immense crowd through their extensive product range. Their interaction with influencers on social media through likes and comments have made them so big and famous. Keeping the price point affordable for everyone, they are shining like a star. Posting every 30 minutes on its Instagram profile and creating separate accounts for its menswear and plus size ranges, the label frequently teams up with influencers by sending them free clothes. 

Strategies FashionNova has applied throughout their remarkable journey

They targeted the mix of youth and adulthood, preferably the age group of 18-35 who can afford the pieces . FashionNova kept it simple for selection yet wide for variety which includes dresses, tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, rompers, swimwear, lingerie, activewear and shoes. They targeted the talk of the town grownups i.e. plus size, and made them comfortable by keeping a private section for them. By keeping price pont simple , they targeted fashion influencers and entered into indirect competition with other fashion brands. They managed to satisfy their customers through a flexible shopping experience and regular touch with the crowd which helped them polish their reputation in order to avoid costly damages.

FashionNova business Model

It is majorly based on the taste and preference of the millennial generation. They made the shopping experience easy by using a simple interface. They targeted young models who are the largest market segment for fashion brands in the United States. The brand has become an internet sensation and teen’s favorite by catering taste and preferences. FashionNova is known for their bold and daring styles. FashionNova has five stores in California, with an easy shipment policy. Another model which worked for them is a marketing campaign which helped them stay in the market through brand loyalty. Fans were asked to tag their posts with @FashionNova and #NovaBabe. The campaign was successful at generating publicity and recognition for FashionNova. It selected ten winners from the campaign.FashionNova has been able to strike the kind of connection most brands strive to with their customers. When it comes to attracting millennials, you must have the ability to spot trends and if possible remain ahead of them as well as everyone else. 

How FashionNova built their Identity :

FashionNova Made its identity on its own , by giving a tough competition to other brands by embracing the power of social media which eventually showered them with massive following and crazy sales. By using high quality Video content and partnering with other influencers through their channel made this a huge brand. They never ran after big names for their product endorsements, instead they approached newbies in the market which helped them  understand market and pricing policy. With quick  responses and deliverables, they made their brand’s Identity and image stable in the market. Their each and every post includes a note encouraging followers to use the influencer’s discount code, which tracks their individual sales. Fashion Nova also has a team of community managers sharing customers’ selfies wearing their clothes on the brand’s Facebook page and responding to each and every follower commenting on its posts or tagging the company on social media.

Top  Models of FashionNova :

1. Marilyn Melo

2. Audreyana Michelle

3. Demi Rose

4. Yamane Yodit

5. Janet Guzman

6. Cristal Serrano

7. Tiffany Keller

8. Daniela Garcia

9. Daniella Beckerman

10. Stephanie Rao


11. Tabria Majors

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12. Audrey Littie

13. Josephine Ochoa

14. Belle Lucia

15. Rachel Alice

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16. Eva Nunez

17. Aliana Mawla

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18. Marii Pazz

29. Sydney Serena

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21. Jade Marie

20. Anastasia Kvitko

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21. Kailyn De Los Rios

22. Sofia Jamora

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1. Why is fashion Nova popular

Because it offers trendy, affordable clothing. 

2. What celebrity owns Fashion Nova?

Richard Saghian

3. Is FashionNova only online?

It has five stores in Southern California mall, and yes it is online as well.

4. Does FashionNova have an app?


5. What platform does FashionNova use?


6. How do you tag FashionNova on Instagram?

#NovaBabes is their hashtag. 


The secret of fashion nova success is their customers and brands authenticity. Also their wide collection of products made them a one stop fashion brand for all your needs. Their new style range made their customers stay so far. FashionNova is Instagram’s top performing fashion brand, making it an ultra cheap and ultra fashion brand. They have a angel team of 1000 workers,  working for their brand 24*7 releasing something new and different every week. The company also expands its assortment by offering each style in several colorways.

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