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Gaming on Your Smartphone? Here’s Everything You Should Know


If you’re like a lot of gamers you like taking your game with you wherever you go. This probably means that you are playing games on your phones. Mobile games are very popular and with good reason.

They are a great way to entertain yourself quickly and easily while you are on the go. If you haven’t already you will probably start playing video games at some point on your phone.

It is a good idea to know as much as possible about caring for a phone that you use for games, to ensure that you have the best gaming experience possible.

The Basics of Gaming With Your Phone

Before you start gaming with your phone there are a few basics that you should bear in mind and thoroughly understand. This will prevent your phone from becoming damaged while you are playing your favorite games.

You probably have your phone for communicating with your family, friends, and colleagues at work. The last thing you want is for it to become damaged from your games. You can have the best of both worlds by following a few tips.

Battery Life

If you intend to do any kind of gaming on your phone, one of the things you should pay attention to is battery life. Make sure that you buy a phone that can manage the amount of cleaning that you plan to do.

If you don’t, you will find that your battery will quickly begin to drain. You can get a battery case or power pack to take with you on the road whatever possible.

You can also try using power banks to charge up your phone as well. While you may not have thought about gaming when you are selecting your phone if you become a gamer and have to replace your phone, try to ensure that you consider battery life before purchasing a new phone.

Upgrade Your Cellular Data

Some phones can be very bandwidth hungry. They will eat up a lot of bandwidth very quickly.

The best way to prevent this is to upgrade. You can also try a pay as you go SIM to help with data

Lots of places have free Wi-Fi nowadays so you can make use of these as well to connect your mobile phone and save your data whenever possible. Sometimes the Wi-Fi that you get for free is faster than your data plan so take advantage of it whenever you can.

Download the Right Apps

There are a lot of mobile games out there and you need to be careful when you are downloading them. There are a lot of good gaming apps out there that will promise you wonderful hours of fun but when you end up downloading them, you may get viruses on your phone or even malware.

Since most people’s phones are less secure than their computers because they may not have downloaded antivirus software, they can be very vulnerable. Try to only install apps that you find on an official app store. This will ensure that you are not leaving your information open to cyber criminals.

Some sites don’t have app versions available, so if you’re going to be playing on a site just make sure that you check it thoroughly. It’s also a good idea to have the right software just to be on the safe side. Ideally though it’s best to download an app to be safe, even if you only want to play checkers!

Install Malware

As mentioned before, you need to protect your devices when you are downloading games. Sometimes even those games that are considered official can be infected by malware from hackers.

The best way to protect yourself against these malicious types of viruses is to ensure that you have antivirus and antimalware software installed on your phone.

Anti Malware can detect when an app is acting suspiciously and makes moves to protect your device.

Battery Care for Gaming

Now that you know all that you should be looking out for when installing games on your phone, it’s time to take a look at how you should go take care of one of the most important parts of your device that you need for gaming. This is your battery.

Avoid Games While Charging

If you’re like most people then you probably play games on your mobile phone for hours and you don’t realize that the battery is empty until it is empty. If you’re like this and you don’t want to stop playing even though your battery is dying your first action may be to plug in your phone and just start gaming again while charging.

However, doing this frequently is a sure way to damage your battery quickly. It can also affect your screen as well. Batteries will overheat very quickly if you are playing games while charging.

Use the Original Charger

Try to use an original charger whenever possible. This is because other chargers are not built with the same specifications as the original charger, and you may find that they are not as effective.

Be careful if you are thinking that buying a generic charger will save you money, it may cost you more in the long run. Get an original charger back from the manufacturer or one of their retailers as soon as possible. This is the best course of action especially if you have a high-end Android device.

Avoid Turning on a Dead Cell Phone

There are times when your battery may be very low and give signals that you need to plug in your battery as soon as possible. If you ignore this warning and continue playing. Your phone is likely to shut off.

Once you have it on the charger you may decide that you need to continue playing the game so that you do not lose where you are. However, this is a very bad idea that can be very damaging to your battery

Allow the battery to charge up to about 10 percent, then turn it on and start gaming again.

A Heated Phone

Games are getting more high-tech by the second. When you play them you are immersed in them because of the high quality of visuals that you receive.

These graphics are great to look at and are entertaining to interact with. However, they do cause your smartphone to heat up very quickly.

You may notice that your smartphone becomes very hot while you are playing a game. If the smartphone becomes hot in your hand it is always best to pause your game and wait until your smartphone becomes a bit cooler.

If you have other applications that are running, try to close them out to reduce the load on your phone’s processor. If you have tabs open that you have been using to browse the internet you should also shut these down to reduce load as well.

An overheating phone is very dangerous because it not only destroys your battery but it can destroy other internal portions of the phone as well. Batteries are easily replaceable but when other internal components of your phone get damaged it can be harder to repair the phone. You might end up having to get a new device altogether.

Declutter Your Cache

There is something on your phone called cache. It is used to store the junk files that you no longer use. These include mobile applications or games that you have played.

This is something that you should actively seek out and clean frequently because it will affect the performance of your smartphone over time.

If the performance of your phone is limited it makes it harder to play games on it. When you clean your cache you are freeing up what is known as random access memory RAM.

When your RAM is full it reduces the performance of your phone dramatically. Once you clean it you will notice that the games you are playing start loading a lot faster.

Games that do not load fast enough can significantly impact the gaming experience. This can bring you a lot of frustration while playing the game and you may feel like quitting your game.

However, you may just find all this stops happening once your phone cache is cleared.

Once you clear it, you should start paying attention to how your games are performing. Once you notice that they start getting sluggish again then it is probably time for another clean. You can also schedule a timer to remind you to clean your cache.

Begin Your Gaming Journey

An on-the-go gaming experience is one of the most fun things you can do as a gamer. Having your game with you on your phone is great for those times when you are waiting in line, at the doctor’s office, or somewhere where you want to relieve boredom.

Pulling out your smartphone and starting your favorite game can be a great way to pass the time. However, you need to bear in mind that smartphones that are used for gaming need to be taken care of in a special way.

Pay close attention to your battery, and cellular data and protect your phone from malware to get the most out of your phone.

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