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Hottest Home Decor Trends of the Year


Home design trends come and go with the seasons, but every new year sees its own crop of top choices among owners and professional decorators. It’s noteworthy that most of the recurring styles reappear regularly, independent of economic factors like housing prices, mortgage rates, and consumer inflation. Style is such a universal concept that people choose what looks good to them regardless of what else is happening in the world and the economy. As 2022 began, it was already apparent that sculpture was making a huge comeback after several dormant years.

What’s different this time around is that people are choosing objects in all price ranges and artistic genres. Because so many younger owners face tight financial situations, there’s a much stronger focus on planning ahead to pay for decorating jobs. What are the top trends besides sculpture? Minimalism is arriving in living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms as homeowners aim to get rid of clutter and create a clean and lean look in their common areas. Digital and electronic works of art are favorites of professional decorators and clients who live in upscale homes. Finally, micro lights are enjoying a banner year as more attempt to add a year-round holiday touch to backyards, porches, and rec rooms.

Planning and Paying

Whatever project you have on the drawing board, it’s imperative to make a detailed schedule and financial plan for it. A time schedule, even if you amend it later, helps keep work on track. A budget assists you with the essential task of making sure you can afford the work before getting underway. No one wants to complete two-thirds of a major project and run out of money. What’s the answer? For many homeowners, personal loans take the sting out of iffy budgets and help to smooth out the ups and downs of uneven income streams. Once you have a good idea of how much the decorating work will cost, apply for a personal loan to cover the portion your savings won’t be able to meet.


Sculptures of all sizes and styles are a hit with 2022 interior decorating enthusiasts. Unpainted stone, cement, iron, and copper are favorites in the abstract genre. Form and representational works in marble, granite, and limestone are equally popular in living spaces where minimalism is the overall theme or where large side spaces need an extra touch of class.

Digital & Electronic Art

Once the province of teenagers who hung small neon signs on bedroom walls, digital, electric artworks are taking over the entire house, and they’re not confined to neon tubes. The hottest trend in this sub-category includes wide swaths of flat, glowing planes on living room walls and spherical table pieces that erupt with static electricity and make noise at the same time.

Minimalist Living Rooms

Minimalism is big in commercial and residential spaces where owners aim to convey a clean, modern image to those who visit the spaces. But minimalist does not mean empty, which is why so many of these projects include one or two designer chairs, a lone sofa amid a large room, or random art objects on a long, slender table in common areas of a family home. This is a great way to improve your house and make it more convenient and high functioning since each element and piece will serve an intentional purpose.

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