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How Switching Utility Providers Can Cut Costs in Hospitality 


With the rise of the energy crisis within the UK, the hospitality industry has suffered great losses as they depend on a lot of energy to keep their business fully functional. 

There are ways to reduce the amount of energy you use by switching to another utility provider to save on costs. You can find a utility provider that best suits your business. Let’s dive into to find out how you can switch your utility provider to help save on energy. 

Energy Saving Tips For Hospitality Businesses 

Here are some tips you can use to cut down on the energy usage and save your business some money. 

Change your lighting plan  

In some areas you might not need a lot of lighting, motion sensor lighting can work just as well as to light up a dark area but only when needed. 

You can also change out your bulbs to energy saving ones if you have not done so already. You can also open curtains and doors where possible to use natural lighting during the day instead of switching on lights. 

If you need staff to switch off lights at night or at a certain time be sure to inform them properly and also educate them on the reasons why they should follow through. Depending on how busy they are, some people can forget but provide a checklist to ensure that before their shifts end they have double-checked if they have completed the task of switching off unnecessary lights. 

Monitor your heating plan

Check that your guests are not using the heating system unnecessarily, also check that staff monitor spaces where there is a heating system installed so that they are not wasting any heat by opening windows when bumping up the degrees or having the air conditioner switched on but forgetting to turn off the heat. 

Teach staff how to use the equipment if it requires instructions to be followed, or print out the steps and make it accessible to all staff members. 

Monitor the use of your equipment to save on energy costs 

Your appliances also affect the amount of energy that you are using. Plug out appliances that are not in use and inform staff on checking that appliances are in need of repairs or are not working properly so that you don’t waste energy by trying to work with faulty equipment. 

If you use a bucket heater with temperature control, make sure to set it at the lowest possible temperature so that it doesn’t use more energy than needed. This is especially important for appliances that are constantly in use, such as refrigerators and freezers.

Switch to another utility provider with cheaper rates 

Changing your utility provider can save you on the costs but not affect your business income. To see if you are in need of making the change, assess your bills and how much energy you are spending. This way you can check to see if you are paying more than what you are using. 

The Steps Businesses Use To Switch Their Utility Providers 

Here are the steps you need to follow to make a utility provider switch. 

Step 1

Research the companies that you want to get a quote from. Use comparison websites to find a deal that is most cost-saving for your business.

Step 2

After providing your details, and scanning all the utility providers and their offers you then have options to choose from. 

You need to have all your information available on hand when in contact with a new utility provider. These include: 

  • The name of your current supplier 
  • Annual energy usage and the cost 
  • The name of your current energy tariff 
  • Your postcode 

If you receive paper bills, all the above information is on there. If not, you can log into your account on your current suppliers website and find the information you need. 

Step 3

While looking for another utility provider, you can also contact your current one and see if they would be able to match what you have found. However, if you still want to make the switch to save more do not be tempted to stay if your current utility provider does not match what you need. 

Once you have found a utility provider that meets your business requirements you can then sign a letter of authority (LOA) to be able to make the switch or renew any previous utility packages that you once had. 

Step 4

After signing a letter of authority, you then have to sign a contract agreement with the new company to make the switch. 

Step 5

The new supplier will then check all the necessary information and then supply you with all the necessary information about their supply and to send you a copy of the contract. 

Step 6 

Your new energy supply will be available from the date agreed upon. Usually it takes about five working days for the switch to take place but you can opt to change it to when you would like the switch to happen. 

How To Get The Best Deal When Making The Switch To Another Utility Provider? 

Use online comparison websites

Using these tools can give you a variety of quotes from different utility companies on offer. Some companies have much cheaper rates than others so using a comparison tool can help you find the best deal. 

Don’t only look at how much money you would save when comparing utility providers, also look at what other perks they have when it comes to using them. 

Be sure to check your current option with your utility provider 

Making the switch can be easy but factor in aspects such as would you have to pay for penalty fees.

Some companies include a cancellation fee into their contracts which means that you would have to pay them a fee if you decide to terminate the contract before the contract ends. 

If you have a cancellation fee included, it’s cheaper to wait out the contract than to pay for a new utility provider and the cancellation fee as well. 


Making the change to save money on your tariffs and to reduce your energy bill is necessary to combat the energy crisis while still staying open for business. Follow the above steps to make the switch between utility companies as easy as possible.    

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